Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kanon Wakeshima

This woman is the BEST cellist ever to me!!! (or probably the only one I know). I found out about her by watching the vampire knight series she sings and plays both ending songs! and her voice and her abilities are amazing. Her songs have meaning and they sound so creepy its awesome. Of course my favourite song by her is Still Doll because it sounds so creepy! it actually inspired me to sketch a creepy doll-ish emotionless crying bloody older version of Alice from Alice in wonderland! and on top of that she is amazing and BEAUTIFUL! she looks just like a doll!!!
other songs by her include: suna no oshiro, skip turn step, kagami. I love her first album Shinshoku Dolce (sweetness violtion) but her second shojo... loita OR  something is good too!

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