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Hwang Mi Ri

Hwang Mi Ri is a Korean mangaka, who writes Manwha (comics read from left to write, whereas Manga is comics which are read from right to left)
Mi Ri's characters have such different personalities and the storys made by him aren't like any other!!!
He mixes good and bad charachters, and a slight psychotic persona in the midst of it all.
Honestly, the stories are completely unexpected and very suspensful!
Here are a few of my favourites!
The first I read is Crazy Girl Shin Bia,
which was a comedy, historical, phycological, and romance.
Tough, independant, strong , Beautiful girl Shin Bia, has fallen into a different era, the edo era, in place of a woman who looks just like her, has the same name as her, but holds a different title and much greater responsibilities. Shin Bia has fallen into a different dimension, where her other self, before she died, she called upon Shin Bia to take her place, to restore peace in her country. She is caught in a love triangle, and has to pick sides, good or bad, she can help bring down the celestial palace or restore peace!
I loved this comic, it was soooo suspensful and they tackled many issues and taught you alot!

Cutie Boy was my second one, which I did't really like that much, it definently was unexpected and was a phycological mind fuck! but was pretty awesome
"Lee Han-Ah used to be bullied in 2nd grade for having a “wide and flat” butt by a boy in her primary school and has hated him ever since. Now, in high school she is the celebrated, legendary captain of Il-Hwa Girls High School and she is seeking out a pretty boyfriend. Then she meets the mellow and seemingly perfect boy, Yoo-Min.''
Lemme tell you sumin, that boy is not what she expects!!!!!!!!!
Plus, I didn't really like it, because the main heroine isn't strong willed and independant! plus her reasons for being captain is totally screwed!!!!*some girl is behind it all**

thirds, Boarding hous of hunks, again just like Cutie boy i didn't like it, the girl is wAYYY to boy crazy!!!! but still it was pretty funny!!!!!!like hilarious!!!!!!!
"boy-crazy Jae Yoo is willing to go through any underhanded means if it means living in the boarding house full of hot guys… Even if it’s going out on a blind date with the dorkiest boy in the school. When she dumps the guy immediately after, she pisses off his handsome best friend Ji Hu and from that point on, the two are constantly going at each other’s throats like cats and dogs. When Jae Yoo finally accomplishes her dream of entering the “boarding house of hunks,” she thinks that nothing could go wrong. An amazing house, a kind landlady, and even a cute guy who seems to be interested in her… What’s this?! Ji Hu is the landlady’s son?! And how is it that he knows about Jae Yoo’s most embarrassing moment in life? What kind of life will the two lead under the same roof? Will they be able to live together at all?! (Source: Esthetique)"

Idol Shopping! NOW BACK TO THE AWESOMNESS! this one was reallll funny, anddd was totally unexpected! seriously, the story was soo warped by the end that it was BEYOND awesome!
"I could do anything for Aul… S the person who takes cares of bullies, for Kang Song EE brother. I go into Chungha High school, it was there that I met Suh Ga Eun the “bully take carer S” rumored boyfriend. The handsome and yet bad character guy with charisma. This is a story of my High school life at a men’s dorm… For whoever bothers my brother, get prepared to face me!'
The girl is back to strong, independant and knows how to fight.
Her parent's always treated her brother A-ul way better then her, her goes to a prestigious rich school, while she goes to public school and has to work to pay her fees! her parents dont even care about her! but still, she and her brother managed to have a strong bond!!!well,  she used to beat the guys who bullied her brother up! now how does she work to pay her fees? shes bully care taker S! she'll beat up the people that bully you for money! however one night some guy interferes with the taking care and the other night? well another guy interferes and well, lets just say alot happens! well now, she finds out her brother attempted suicide and was now at the hospital, and her parents made her cross dress (their twins) to take his spot! well, shes gonna find out why her brother committed suicide, why he was bullied, will she accept what happened? and yet, can she keep her job as Bully care taker S without being discovered, and how far will the two guys who like her go to get her?
This comic WAS phycologically scary to see how her family can turn on her, her own brother as well (spoiler) and how people can get way beyond obsessed and how serious suicide is. Again. one of Mi-ri's best works!

Now one of my favourites! Hot Blooded Woman
What is a sweet, soft-spoken girl (Ha Li Kang) to do when her brothers, having just learned fencing and martial arts, decide to test some moves out on her in order to tame her and make her into their little slave? She runs to her knightly friend (Te Hu Kang, not related to Ha Li) for protection, of course. However, what happens when, instead of comforting her, he tells her that she is a coward for running away like a puppy who needs constant protection? No, she does not break down and cry like a weak girl. Instead, she resolves to grow stronger. With rigorous training everyday, Ha Li goes from being a scared girl who cries for help to becoming the Jjang (boss of a gang) of the Doberman gang. However, events lead to Ha Li getting in an accident with a truck. Afterwards, she is reborn into the body of a beautiful, but weak, rich girl Aram
Another phycoligical twist with phycotic characters!

Now this blog wasn't that good but all of mi ri's works are! But my tops would be Crazy Girl Shin Bia, Idol shopping and hot Blooded woman thennn maybe the other two :)

You're Beautiful