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GOSSIP GIRL IS GONE ...(or is it...Email 4 deets)
This is the page where Update Gossip about "Upper East TL" the scandals, the drama, as Perez Hilton might call it "the Juice" And believe me if you know any thing about TL you know there is enough drama to make it the show "Gossip Girl" so i may not send out Texts but i do... Blog about it.... So catch up on all the drama from now on over here and other places you may know ;) ;) so as i always say... XOXO, Gossip Girl                                                                                            
School dances are always the bomb but this one just dropped a HUGE bomb. The only good dances have DJ's but the DJ's mom said "no" at least he could make a CD... but lots of drama dropped down that afternoon... - XOXO, Gossip Girl SoccerFreak you get on .......'s nerves alot... BUT when she finds out that you like Eye Shadow S... We will see her reaction since she is secretly <3 you .... What a surprise about both... some one has to figure out soon though... -XOXO, Gossip Girl
Fashionista D is still dating Annoying A who is the twin brother of Loudmouth A could it be she has a thing for both  - XOXO Gossip Girl
Eye Shadow S is still dating C-hizzouse, Dares always turn into a romance for her.... Remember Dolla Sign C, They both broke it off after 12 days though... Dolla Sign C has moved on... has She? Send me the Deets
- XOXO Gossip Girl
Noble N can anyone believe you like Annoying A and maybe Down2Earth D, Some advice.... Annoying A is not the right choice... but then again who am I to speak? - XOXO Gossip Girl
Sugar & Spice some time you are just not so nice.... mean while  Musical M is Muting the group of wanna be queen B's and is joining the official Crown... -XOXO Gossip Girl
Noble N you just make Helpless and also Desperate S , Cry and Cry when will he realize it is never going to happen? -XOXO, Gossip Girl
who is ruling the throne now, the loyal gals sum how have disappeared . they are still in the air but not as much as usual  -XOXO Gossip GirlAh Royalty, it can be so much fun.... Just to let the Loyal followers know, Un-reliable R is taking over the throne - XOXO Gossip Girl
When will Anxious A realize that Dolla Sign C is not her prince charming... from what ... one of my sources has experienced in the past two weeks ... he is disgusting and has AWFUL jokes, he has some Ups BUT ALOT OF DOWNS - XOXO Gossip Girl
When u speak of the devil, the devil doth appear wearing his trademark scarf  - XOXO, Gossip Girl
Forget a grand entrance. Everyone knows that it's the exit they'll remember. -XOXO Gossip Girl
Don't look so sad, Desperate S! The sun will come out tomorrow, even though everyone is assuming your friend already did... - XOXO, Gossip Girl
Why so thirsty,  Helpless S? You may havnt won Noble  N over, but we still think you're hiding something- XOXO, Gossip Girl
Why'd she leave? Why'd she return? Send me all the deets. And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell. The only one. XOXO. Gossip Girl
You didn't hear it from us, but in every girl's life there comes a moment when she realizes her friend may be more messed up than she is - XOXO , Gossip Girl
We hear S isn't the only one who lost someone he loved this week. Our deepest condolences, XOXO —Gossip Girl.
Oh dear queen, heed the words of a king. Look like an angel, talk like an angel, the devil in disguise. XOXO.-Gossip Girl  
Four wise men once said, "I get by with a little help from my friends". - XOXO Gossip Girl
Oh no. We warned you no good would come from spinning a wicked web. You just get all tangled up in your wicked lies. - XOXO Gossip Girl
Helpless S You have pissed Someone off to he point where they convinced me to  reveal your secrets, You trusted them but you got on their last nerves, when they told you to stop you didnt -XOXO Gossip Girl
Helpless S likes N R M L T N C A all the girls he likes first initials im sure u guys can guess who...He is truely in love with Noble N he said so himseld 100 times... but he is jealous of LoudMouth A THIS JUST IN HE IS ALSO JEALOUS OF DOLLA SIGN C HIS BEST FRIEND!!!
Sugar & Spice, Musical M wants to be friends but there is just to much DRAMA involved in your lifestyle with soccerfreak who u obviously & <3 which made .... Stop - XoXo Gossip Girl
You Guys Just Don't Realize That Musical M Is Out.. - XOXO Gossip Girl..
there's so much drama in this world sugar &spice and Vulnerable U have gotten in to a huge fight involving alot of scandals, looks lke sugar isnt as sweet as she seems... - XOXO Gossip Girl
Spice ends up crying while Vulnerable U is telling her dearly beloved EVERYTHING wrecking everyones past present and future - XOXO Gossip Girl
I Dont take back anything i said...-xoxo Gossip girl
Down2Earth D is enjoying Mexico i hope because, he just ran away from the drama of the upper east side TL have fun Devoted V will be waiting for your return           - XOXO Gossip Girl
the total wannabees have excepted Musical M back in ... it doesnt mean she will stay their friend.. SABOTAGE is on the way :D -XOXO GOssip Girl
Nobody Knows musical M's crush... other than me... musical m told  some one a decoy.... valentines day is cuming make ur move soon  - xoxo gossip girl ;)
One minute Posing D is so Nice, the next he is just rude NEVER TRUST HIM he is so dramatic and obviously EMOTIONAl quote on qoute... the words of ...  a friend of Devoted V - XOXO GOssip girl 
You Can Never Trust Any One In Upper East TL... You will get back stabbed dumped heart-broken and find the truest of em all.. the one nice one - xoxo gossip girl
Why So sad _? What happened... U Realized Someone Is Out To Get U? I Don't Blame Them Payback's a BITCH - xoxo gossip girl
OMG there is so much Drama in upper east TL We should be on the hills - xoxo gossip girl
Valentines day is around the corner... so are candy grams lets see who likes who? And a special sum1s reaction to a little joke made.;) xoxo
Growing up means 1 thing. Independence. We all want it, sometimes we use other people to get it, sometimes we find it in eachother. - xoxo gossip girl
the joke was played well til sum1 gave up looks lke posing D still has feelings for Marina when we saw his reaction to a certain lil candy gram- xoxo gossip girl
This Just Inn, Everyone who Owns an Email... Watch out there is a hacker on the loose... said so the words of sugar and spice.. this "person"  is just looking to... well i really dont know but watch out ok this hacker could be after you ...- xoxo gossip girl           
Dont worry everyone the hacker is gone it turns out he just made a really convincing joke... PAYBACK is on its way - XOXO Gossip girl
lThis may be Old news to some but its turns out Annoying A IS NOT Friends with Galore D Because of an act of cruelty on behalf of Fashionista D and Eye Shadow S... They Convinced A to Dislike D, You didn't here it from us. -XOXO Gossip Girl
 Sugar & Spice thinks that SoccerFreak <3 Musical M.... What does M think about this "ha ha ha You Are Crazy" Or at least thats what a witness heard in the hallway... But Do You Think Musical M has a thing for Soccer Freak I don't think so...  I can understand where Sugar & Spice is coming from though... Soccer Freak has been going out of his way to Musical M but then again so has she... Who likes Who That Is The question... Tell me what you think about this... - XOXO Gossip girl
OMG Vulnerable U is becoming more vulnerable and "GIRLY" by the day, today she came back with some dark pink lip gloss... Its obvious she is trying to attract the Attention of some one special... but that secret is for another day -XOXO Gossip Girl
When Sugar and Spice gets yelled at you cant help but LAUGH and thats exactly what Musical M DID lol -
I Would LIke to apologize to Dolla Sign C in the past i have said some pretty rude things but i have to say he is really nice and he is so helpful to Helpless S and even though he is in the popular crowd he still cares for the people outside of it :) so Dolla Sign C U ARE ONE GOOD PERSON - XOXO Gossip Girl
Musical M was thinking was thinking about joining the group with Fashionista D eye shadow S Dolla Sign C and Galore D, meanwhile Helpless S is telling her not to because they kicked Annoying A out and now Annoying A hangs with the "GUYS" Group... Should Musical M join or not... Because they showed a pretty good invite when they invited her to their table today for lunch when some one dropped a huge BOMB XOXO GOssip Girl
 we All are going to miss you Eye Shadow S , we are really sorry about the unfortunate turn in events, but dont worry your new home will be definently better than your first... You were a good person and may the best come to you in the future :) KEEP IN TOUCH ok remember, You know my email and i know yours... until next time - XOXO Gossip Girl P.S YOU HAVE TO VISIT SOME TIME OKAY 
Dolla Sign C and Musical M have made an Agreement They both want sugar & Spice To LEAVE for good two of there plans failed... but at least they got Anxious A before she went on VACAY!- XOXO Gossip Girl 
We make our own fortunes, and call them fate. And what better excuse to choose a path than to insist it's our destiny? But at the end of the day, we all have to live with our choices ... no matter who's looking over our shoulder.-xoxo gossip girlThey say there are no accidents. Sometimes reality comes crashing into us. Other times it dawns on us slowly, despite our best efforts to ignore it.- xoxo Gossip Girl
Better get your beauty rest now. Things are going to get ugly in the morning. XOXO, Gossip Girl.
 Oh, L. You tried to play dirty, but you should have known. No one puts Musical M in a corner. And now she's having the time of her life. - xoxo GOssip Girl  
 Sometimes it's hard to see the lines we've drawn until we've crossed them. That's when we rely on the ones we love to pull us back and give us something to hold onto. Then there are the clearly marked lines. The ones that if you dare cross, you may never find your way back. XOXO, Gossip Girl. 
Who would have thought M and N's friendship had a term limit? Sorry ladies, party's over -xoxo gossip girl In TL, some parties are VIP only. Others are strictly private. But some parties are political, and those lines are drawn by the most established of the establishment. And once those lines are drawn, they can never be crossed. -xoxo GOssip Girl
Careful, Don't send out those invitations just yet. We hear another girl has her eyes on the prize. The first day of a new queen's reign. The nervous subjects Twitter and Tweet. Will she pick up where the old queen left off? Or strike out on her own? And what of Queen B? We hear TLis not exactly under her golden thumb. Is she biding time? Or just doing time? But the real story is that a queen of the silver screen has just enrolled at  TL. Rumor has it she wants to keep a low profile. Sorry, your majesty. Not if I can help it.-xoxo gossip girl
Life isn't a fairy tale, and happy endings are few and far between. - xoxo gossip girl Never give up, never surrender. XOXO, Gossip Girl
.In life, as in art, some endings are bittersweet. Especially when it comes to love. Sometimes fate throws two lovers together only to rip them apart. Sometimes the hero finally makes the right choice but the timing is all wrong. And, as they say, timing is everything. Looks like this story might just have a second act. Let's hope it's not a tragedy. XOXO. Gossip Girl.
 Some endings take a long time to reveal themselves. But when they do, they're almost too easy to ignore. Some beginnings start so quietly, you don't even notice they're happening. But most endings come when you least expect them. And what they portend is darker than you've ever imagined. Not all beginnings are cause for celebration. A lot of bad things begin, fights, flu season and the worst thing of all... Want to be starting something? XOXO. Gossip Girl.

True love and betrayal. Revenge and more revenge. A heroine with an impossible goal. If only Mozart had lived on the Upper East Side. But you can keep your magic flute, Amadeus. All this queen wants is a golden ticket to Yale. - XOXO GOssip GIrl
Sticks and stones may break bones, but a poison pen is the best revenge. - xoxo gossip girl 

  One thing is certain on the Upper East Side - what goes around, comes around. - xoxo gossip girl 

The thing about new beginnings is that they require something elso to end.- xoxo gossip girl
One thing about being on the top of the world.. it gives you a long, long way to fall. - xoxo gossip girl
The past is always with us, just waiting to mess with the present. - xoxo gossip girl 
Every girl dreams about finding her Prince Charming. But if that prince refuses to come? - xoxo gossip girl
One bad thing about making a deal with the devil is, he always comes to collect.- xoxo gossip girl
They say in fashion that you can become a success overnight. But one minute you're in, and the next, you're out.- XoXO GoSsIp GiRl

Love may fade with the season, but some friendships are year round. Like you and me! You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.
  Spotted, Stylish S. and $C reunited to defend Musical M.'s honor. With friends like these, who needs armies? - XOXO GOssip Girl
But the worst thing the truth can do? Is when you finally tell it, it doesn't set you free... but locks you away, forever. - xoxo gossip girl
The French Revolution had cake, the American Revolution had tea, but looks like the overthrow of Sugar & Spice well... Who said you need a silver spoon to dole out just desserts? - xoxo gossip girl
What's the difference between gossip and scandal? So glad you asked. Anyone can commit a minor indiscretion and generate a day's worth of buzz, but in order for gossip to birth a true scandal it requires the right person to be in the wrong place. Take one "it" girl on a pedestal, add a crowd eager to see her fall, and give them the means to knock her down And for a scandal to really blow up, all it needs is an unexpected turn.. - xoxo gossip girl
There's a weak link in every chain. And it's just a matter of time before this one snaps. - xoxo gossip girl
On the Upper East Side, it's easy to think that the world is exactly as it appears. Refined, elegant, imposing... But sometimes, all it takes is a little key to open the door to the wild side. - xoxo gossip girl
Looks like Daddy's girl isn't made of sugar and spice and everything nice after all.- xoxo gossip girl
Didn't anyone tell you N? Be careful what you wish for. - xoxo gossip girl
This just then, S and B committing a crime of fashion. Who doesn't love a five fingers discount, especially if one of those fingers is the middle one... Everyone knows you can't choose your family but you can choose you friends. And in a world ruled by bloodlines and bank accounts, it pays to have a pal. As much as a BFF can make you go WTF, there's no denying we'd all be a little less less rich without them. And S and C ? They do best things better than anyone. No, that's not a tear in my eye, it's just allergies. Without you, I'm nothing. Gossip Girl
hey Upper East siders... this just in Gentle J and soccerfreak have come on  a troose to get revenge on S&S if u know the gossip girl nicknames ull know who S&S is but i am not releasing the name. Musical M has joined their plot but could it be that she is working for S&S-XOXO Gossip Girl
ahhh. Anxious A is back from Vacay! But she is back under the control of Sugar and spice.... even though she knows of what has become of Noble N, I guess she just can't stay away - XOXO GOSSIP GIRl
I am sure we all watch gossip girl over here so im pretty sure you are all fond of the charector Georgina... well her charector ((THE BITCHY ONE) suits sugar and spice perfectly so she might be going by that name lol
Devoted V is now "Advice Girl" is this a good or bad thing.... - xoxo gossip girl
Spotted: gentle J flirting with Vulnerable u J+U Finally! after weeks and weeks of crushing they are crushed close together to maybe even become one....you know you love me...XOXO Gossip Girl
its March 3 and Sugar spice just asked who was that one witness from back then.... I SHALL NEVER REVEAL MY SOURCES XOXO GOSSIP GIRL
I am not updating gossip girl anymore until DRAMA between some people stop.... AND WHEN PEOPLE STOP VISITING THIS SITE WHEN THEY ARE NOT INVITED soccer freak and $C BOTH OF U STAY OFF it is only meant to be read by Noble N anxious A vulnerable U and sugar and spice and thats IT i would respect the privacy well, looks like "this" has caused to much drama, time to do the monthly name change! have fun figuring out who's who now....P.S all the initials on this site are werent real, before so if you had any idea about who they were then U HAVE NOOO CLUE, xoxo gg
i am back bitches, i've let you guys have your rest over the march break, but its a week after that now! i am ready with new names, and LOTS OF GOSSiP , for the next week there is gossip about the following:  the girl who Will cry you a river, the drama queen, the gossiper, the dumb blond AND LOTS MORE dont worry, i will start off with old nicknames... but it will get harde... XOXO Gossip GIrl
I am going to be nice, THE old nicknames will stick (but so will the new ones)... XOXO GOSSIP GIRL
iIs Musical M's troubled past catching up with her? the past filled with fight, break ups and makeups, with boys, and ON AGAIN AND OFF AGAIN CRUSHES? well it seems that way when today she discovered that she never really stopped having feelings for "stamina's child" (a.k.a soccerfreak) she is not sure though... but along with her past comes Loud Mouth A and Dolla Sign C... ha! im kidding about the soccer freak, but im gonna let you know she does like one of the three, or two or three... You might wanto guess... Definently 2 for sure but, could she be close to liking one again... XOXO, Gossip Girl
For each group there is a different queen B, for this group will it be Jenny humphrey OR vanessa abram P.S i am not actually talking about VANESSA, its code name for some one else... oh and it turns out jenny is blossoming into blair :) so proud of you hun! keep it up! XOXO Gossip Girl
Devoted V is at it again! im pretty sure you ALL know what that means! keep your eyes peeled D2ED because you will see ALOT of her lately! XOXO GOSSIP GIRL 
Hey, Georgina AKA Sugar and spice Keep this in mind, Sticks and Stones may break Bones, But a poison pen is the best revenge! - XOXO GOSSIP GIRL 
Looks like there's trouble in paradise, Spotted: Devoted V (vanessa abram), Soccer Freak (chuck bass), Sugar and spice (Olivia Burke), Chucks sister, Restricted R (dan humphrey) and his big bro, at the park, just like Ke$ha once said "some shits about to go down" well guess what IT DID! Tweet me or Email Me for the Deets XOXO GOSSIP GIRL
no matter how long you try to be good, you cant keep a bad girl down (u know who you are) XOXO GOSSIP GIRL 
Remember, One Good Scandal Deserves Another! XOXO  
Theres nothing i like  more than a cat fight, and this may be a good one XOXO 
 Chuck Bass is losing something nobody knew he had to begin with. His Heart. XOXO
Aint carma a bitch? we all know blair waldorf is! XOXO
March vacationers traverse the globe in search of new sights and experiences. But when it comes to scandal, I'll take TL every time. Welcome home, Upper East Siders. You know you missed me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.
 Spotted, Chuck Bass putting his new BFF on speed dial. Is it the beginning of a beautiful bro-mance? Or the end of Blair's bid to be British? -xoxo GOSSIP GIRL
 Summer Tip #3. Take time to stop and smell the flowers. It's true that all good things must come to an end. August is no exception. They don't call it Fall for nothing. -XOXO
Summer Tip #2. There is no "we" in summer. Only u and me. -XOXO GG
Ah, the wedding march. Here comes ... the awkward pause! XOXO
Put on those dancing shoes, kids. We're going to the chapel.XOXO
 For Georgina Sparks, love is always a battlefield. XOXO
 There are songs that make us want to dance, songs that make us want to sing along. XOXO
Looks like this wedding song just became 'Stormy Weather.' But don't worry, 'Here Comes the Sun.' XOXO
 Musical M's full on past has come back to haunt her. But not the ghost of Gr7 but the Ghost of Gr6... Yes we all know Lil M's crush from her previous year. I guess it just came back... XOXO, GG
April Is here... April Showers bring May flowers. well... to M and the rest of the crew The Showers have just began... But Dont worry,  These little seeds that Georgina likes to plant will Blossom into beautiful Flowers... XOXO Gossip Girl
Seems like Musical M was feeling the Guilt for reading S&S diary.... so she decided to let L read M's Online D Blog... XOXO GOSSIP GIRL 
 The worst thing the truth can do, is when you finally tell it, it doesn't set you free, but it locks you away forever.. XOXO
The Face Of True Love, U just dont give up, even if the object of your affection is begging to you. XOXO GG 
The worst thing youve ever done, the darkest thought you ever had, I will stand by you
through anything. XOXO GOSSIP GIRL
Careful l, you may think you know what's best, but this time, you might just be pushing your luck with Chuck (staminas child. soccer freak) XOXO GOSSIP GIRL
Looks like GOYEAU, has a thing for mash, but it was irrelevant for her t
o get N and A to teach her how to play, and than bring D and friends to the class AND read it to the whole class, SAD G, SAD G XOXO GG

 Latest GG Updates

Im back bitches! heres what has been happenin in the past, V is stil madly in love with D that she almost killed (exagerating) M... when they were joking around tht she was dating D! WOW, a bit over the top XOXO GG
M has developed OBVIOSLY another crush on Staminas Child. WHEN WILL THE MADNESS STOP!!! XOXO GG
Staminas CHilds BDAY Congrats, he better use those 15 bux wisely. XOXO GG
Posing D has obviously gotten wayy to close for comfort. XOXO GG
DOlla Sign  C is gonna get PRANKD today XOXO GG
it didnt happen Whattever, (talkin about $C)
ahh its summer vacation and guess what IM BACK BITCHES with alot of gossip to fill you in XOXO GG
Devoted V is still at her chase for D (WINK WINK) GOOD LUCK V because hes TAKEN! XOXO GG
Anxious A hooked up with dolla sign C on and off until they finally called theire DRAMATIC relationship a quits. XOXO GG
Looks like A sitll likes him tho XOXO Gossip Girl
AHH, alot of summer romances might happen this summer, Stylish S And her new guy MIGHT JUST HOOK UP, if she lets go of her dirty little Secret, good luck.
Vulnerable U still likes M, but  she has added a new adition perhaps B might just have a chance,,,XOXO GOSSIP GIRL
M Almost liked A EWW! M WHAT WER U THINKING!!!!!!!!BLEH! but shes soo off tht track ;) XOXO GG
Fashionista D feels left out, from her group of The Queen B and her Loyal Followers, dont worry D youll be back as soon as Gr8 hits because there new friends will all be gone XOXO GG
im still here bitches, and i know everything-GG
"I suppose I could let bygones be bygones, forgive and forget, yadda yadda. But where's the fun in that? These pretty little bitches got everything I ever wanted, and now I'm going to make sure they get exactly what they deserve. Does that make me sound awful? Sorry, but as every pretty little liar knows, sometimes the truth's ugly-and it always hurts.
I'll be watching....  -GG
Don't get too comfortable. It's not over until I say it is.-GG
 Oh honey, dont stomp your last season prada shoes at me!-XOXO GG
Im never gone,i'm just temporarily away on vacation, but dont worry i still gather deets while im gone -XOXO GG
Ah, we all remember grade 8 grad....But after tht you're all gone from TL, so no need to be ultra bitches about it, cuz, ur not really in high school yet, but hints to freshmans...(gr9ers) Senior pranks are hilarious and on their way...Wanna know this years?They released LIVE chickens, Dead Fish and some other animals in the cafeteria at gr9 lunch...(my sis knows the deets and will be involved in next yrs prank HOPEFULLy :P) it smelled AWFUL...Good luck BITCHEZ -xoxo GG
when we do our darkest deeds, why do we tell. BECAUSE they burn in our brains, becom a living hell , a hint to some Bitches, they wont burn if you dont do them!-XOXO ONE OF YOUR HAterS
has anyone watched pretty little liars yet?You'll love it, A is just like me ;) its like another gossip girl...-xoxo the one, the only, Gossip Girl (Unless u guys dare to copy  me LOL)
Looks like little Blogger, deletes two blogs and keep 2 up...will she write a diary?I DONT THINK SO, she doesnt have time,...but who knows what blogs are lurking on the internet...-xoxo, Gossip Girl
Are YOU holding any secrets?let me know...you can trust me,...i wont release your name OR their names (no nicknames either for "the victim") it will be in one of my quotes just like the quotes above...XOXO, Gossip Girl
It takes alot to fall in love, but alot more to fall out of love...Honey this girl has strenghth because  shes done both...or has she...maybe the first time, but its time for the second one too!!!Come on, the clocks tickings -XOXO GG
ahhh, grade 7 is done so lets let bygones be bygones shall we> Im going to quickly recap gr7summer and bloom into gr8 year <3 XOXO, Gossip Girl
This summer, not much happened other than getting over crushes, diary slips, hacking, excitement, contests, Etc. More deets coming XOXOGG
Lets start off with getting over crushes. LETS SEE WHO HAS GOTTEN OVER THEIR CRuSHes= Devoted V, Hopefully Noble N and i guess anxious A but it doesnt really seem like it for her ;) Musical M has Finnally gotten over her OLD Crushes and the ones she thought were crushes but were just Decoys ... Please Email for deets about the decoy also i have one thing to say , Some may know who i am Most of those are people who go to this school BUT if you are reading this page from another place anddont know any of these people or like reading the gossip, you dont know who i am and you soon may find out ;) but one last thing to say about Musical M- She has had some DECOY CRUSHES IN THE PAST THAT WERE NOT REAL BUT JUST WONDERING IF THEY WERE ... EMAIL FOR DEETS BECAUSE OVER THE SUMMER SHES FIGURED OUT WHO WAS A CRUSH AND WHO WASNT :D XOXO GG
Everyone is single again, as you can see.... or can you, do you have a BLIND SPOT in your periphiral vsion? might wanna check that out and DIG DEEPER, XOXO, GG

If you want to email me YOU MUSTT EMAIL ON askme_blog@yahoo.ca Any other emails will not be answereed,... I think.... :


nOBLE n'S bday hbd gurllll!!!!!!!! 

mORE DEETS COMING SOON xoxo, gOSSIP gIRL email me: ASKMe_BLOG@yahoo.ca
Trouble is moving in, and it's looking to make the Upper East Side its bitch XOXO, Gossip Girl

They say old habits die hard, but when it comes to best friends, old jealousies die harder. XOXO, Gossip Girl

Napoleon once said that secrets travel fast in Paris. But Gossip Girl travels faster. Bisou bisou. XOXO, Gossip Girl

In a world of secrets, some are let out, and when they are all hell breaks loose, it might just be the end of this gals delicacy to her big shocking secret, you may be keeping it from me for S but watchout.... Im always updated AND I WILL FIND OUT! XOXO, Gossip Girl
Devoted V is always trying to get over her one "love",  but what does anyone really know about LOVE, its such a small word with a big meaning, it can impact us in the ways that any other words cant. To feel loved is like opening your presents on christmas morning,or reading a very exiting book (better example) Always exited to see whats next, watch out V love is like boomerang, it just keeps on coming back (BELIEVE ME I KNOW) XOXO, Gossip Girl

As The new season of Gossip Girl rolls in, so do bucket loads of new gossip, watch out, im still here ;) XOXO, Gossip Girl

Musical M, has a secret that has its edges pulled too tight...how long will this last?-XOXO, Gossip Girl

"If you wanna run around with miss fun all the time, then go, just watch out whos shes choosing because it might not be you"

"ill never forgive him, i just wantedto save him"

Gr8 Year has come to a beginning but it literally sucks, i am not putting this in elite words because its just as sloppy as my words -XoXo. Gossip Girl ;)

Musical M seems to be fairly happy now a days...Wonder why? can anyone guess, i know i can. XOXO, Gossip Girl

Parents can be such little bitches but at the end of the day they still love you and are trying to get the best for you -XOXO, Gossip Girl

Good bye Eyeshadow S, switching schools, creating a new personna, what else is new? thats what little miss im going to get used just to be a plastic-s secret is tugging at  me with, but just a guess ;) XOXO GOSSIP GIRL

Has she really sswitched schools a year ago, to get rid of her troublesome past? i think so, just wait til i find out. -XOXO, Gossip Girl