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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Haruhi:Crystal Gem

Okay, so my Anime character is COMPLETE!
i have named her Haruhi Souoh, and her transformation name is "Crystal Gem" here is a picture of the final product. It looks pretty awesome, but the backrounds took forever to find on google the one on the right is a bunch of images i put together and the left is just one picture :P So, i hope you like it!
Her transformation words? GEM CRYSTAL POWER ERRUPT!
Her Powers? Crystal KICK!
Gem Crystal Elimination
Violet destruction
Crystal Power Revelution
p.s All of those are made up
if you wanna add anything just comment below :P
Til next time, 


Belong... by ❤ღℳɨʂℏąąℓღ❤ on

This set is inspired by the two anime's the Fruit Basket and Ouran High School Host club! as you can see the rice ball in the corner and the quote the riceball that doesnt belong in the fruit basket are from th efruit basket. and the fitting in where they dont belong is from O.H.S.H.C (i made it up, how Haruhi is a girl and doesnt belong but she is making the best of it) and Thoru in the fruit basket does the same

Geography HELP!

I NEED ALL THE INFORMATION ON JOBS IN SUDAN, its for a project in school so HELP! and you will save my group (me, lovepreet and ishana and kadin), if you dooo i promise to make a blog post on you
comment with your info!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Horahui-Read this post to find out who!

So, as you all know i have been an anime freak for more than a month now. When your bored, have no internet, and are a anime freak you, MAKE YOUR OWN ANIME CHARACTER ON PAINT!!!! Yup, the images coming up are 100% made by me, no tracing or copy and pasting! just my own creative sense with paint!
Stage one: The eyes, nose and lips

Stage two: The face shape and colour

Stage three: The hair 
Stage four: The outfit!

Some may say i have no life. BUT I WAS BORED! and this is PRETTY FUN! now soon i will give it a transformation (e.g Serena transforms into SailorMoon)
Anyway i named her Horahui (i needed something japanese)  Also check out my "sailormoon" weird crappy inpersonation i made on paint it looks hilarious like a character from that old show "boys stuff, girls stuff)

Crappy i know, BUT WHO CAREs i did a darn good job

Til, i complete the characters and next time,
-xoxo, Mishaal :P

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mermaid Melody

okay so, this anime wasn't one of the best, but it was still good.
so heres the plot:
theres this mermaid and she had this pink pearl but she gave it to a boy she saved long ago. Well she needs that pearl, so she can protect it from Gaito who wants to rule the 7 seas who is a descendant of the phantellesa clan. so anyways the pink pearl mermaid Lucia finds this guy and gets her pearl back and he falls in love with her. Lucia in her human form (which looks nothing like her mermaid form) meets other mermaids and try to defeat Gaito's minions. So, Lucia in her human form falls in love with Kaito (the boy who gave her the pearl back), one problem is that Lucia cant tell him shes a mermaid or she'll turn into bubbles (lol) so he has to figure it out himself.Lucia meets other mermaids who have their own love stories going on :)  Later on Kaito discovers his father wasnt his real father (btw his parents died and he survived on the cruise  thanks to lucia) so he realizes he is the twin brother of Gaito, and also a descendant of the phantellesa clan. he finds out Lucia is a mermaid. Gaito wanted to rule the seas because it was the evil mermaid of the indian oceans wish so all humans would be destroyed (the human she fell in love with "betrayed" her) and Gaito loved her. In the end the mermaid princesses help revive aqua regina (water queen) and turned everyone good yada yada the end Lucia is with kaito.

in the second season:
Kaito moves to Hawaii and gets in a surfing accident and forgets EVERYTHING. he meets this sick girl Mikaru, who moves with him back to Japan. Lucia is forced to see them  together blah blah blah. Mean while the other mermaids have guys of their own and Lucia is all alone. Slowly Kaito starts to remember. Oh, and theres this angel type thing Mikeru who needs power so he can revive the ancients. so in the end it turns out Mikaru is Mikeru's other half (human form typa thing) and this is only because Mikaru's father tried to save her in the past and ended up failing. In the end Mikeru turns good, and returns to the ancients in the sky, Mikaru is reborn, and kaito and lucia are back together.

Yeah, so not that interesting so i give it a 2.5/5 because the plot was interesting but they didnt portray it properly, some episodes were amazing while others were dull. So that is my reasoning.
p.s in the picture it only shows the original 7 mermaid princesses not the new indian ocean princess or the guys.
-xoxo, Mishaal

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wedding Peach

2nd Anime Review EVER!
Now this was worth watching and it was nice and short, and got straight to the point. If i were to explain it in  4 words: Angel,Devil,Romance,Loss
Okay so heres the deal:
there are three worlds;the Angel world, Devil world and the Human world.
Momoko Hanasaki was just an ordinary human, when BOOM she finds out shes the love angel "wedding peach", along with her two best friends Yuri Tanima (Angel Lily) and  Hinagaku Tamano (Angel Daisy) decide to fight the devils to stop them from taking over the human and angel world. Meanwhile lots of cute romances occur such as they all love captain yanagiba but slowly Momoko falls in love with Yoske Fuma (who also plays a huge role in the end) and Yuri, finds out about her past with Limone who also happens to be Captain Yanagiba, which left hinagaku all alone, but in the end she gets paired up with Takura, (who was once sort of possessed with a devil). So anyways as all of the story progresses (btw yoske is a sickkkk soccer goalie<3<3) Takura is a nerd and Yanagiba/Limone is captain of the soccer team. so later the three girls meet Angel Salvia (yeah i know its also a drug, but also a flower lol) so the four of them are trying to stop the devils and their love interests find out that theyre a love angels. Then something shocking happens SPOILER ALERT!!!! Yoske Fuma's dad was a devil, leaving him to a doomed future,  Yoske Fuma is a the most powerful devil Viento from the refall tribe, problem is he cant remember anything that happens when he transforms. Soon the girls find out hes a devil and sooner or later so does he. He tries to deny but comes to face the truth about his life, Then the final battle with Queen rein Devilla. In the battle we find out why Rein Devilla wants to rule the world (all because she fell in love with an angel and was jealous because another angel stole him away), Yoske who is viento helps the love angels just to protect Peach, (ITS SOO CUTE) and they both get extremely hurt trying to protect each other but they manage to hold hands before almost dying emitting a love wave taking all the hate away from the Queen rein devillas heart! they won the battle the end!

Now this show was A-W-E-S-O-M-E the plot was cool, and the love stories in it were AMAZING!!!! i give it a thumbs up!
Btw in the picture only viento and the love angels are shown

Monday, January 10, 2011


Okay, so this is my first "anime" review so forgive me if it sucks!!!!
Season 1: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
In this season Serena is discovered by a cat named Luna. She becomes Sailor Moon and fights crime. Soon she meets other sailors (Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars A.K.A Mina, Amy, Lita and Rei) they all try to defeat queen beryl. In this season Sailor Moon discovers her past about Prince Darien, Queen Serenity, her true mother, and who the moon princess truly is.
This season was REMARKABLE! i wouldn't even mind re-watching it. This season had lots of action, thrill and romance.

Season 2: Sailor Moon R
This season, after the final battle with Queen Beryl all the sailors and Tuxedo Mask (OH HOW I LOVE HIM) forget everything about being sailors. When the sailors remember, they find a new enemy from the doom tree Allyn and Anne. Annes human form LOVES darien and Serena gets jelous. Meanwhile Allyns human form LOVES Serena and she cant help but be pleased. Once the doom tree tells its story and Anne and allyn realize the true meaning of love they go off to live on another planet. (Darien remembered the past during the battle). Then in the second half of the season, a child comes thundering in who looks just like Serena. Then they realize Rini (the child) is the future child of Darien (prince darien/endmynion) and Serena. .Btw the rest of the sailors are brought together too (i think, cant rem)  Prince Diamond has plans of ruling the future and taking revenge on earth and when the sailors go to the future to save it, Prince Diamond falls in love with her. as he uses his hypnotism to get Serena, she finds out she is Queen Neo-Serenity, when prince diamond finds out Wiseman wants to rule by himself he tries to defeat him but he dies and so does saphire and everyone else (SO saD I LOVEDDD THEM) So then a lot of fight (btw theyre back in the present)
Best Final Battle EVER!

Season 3: Sailor Moon S
Rini befriends Hotaru, who is possessed by Mistress 9 and Dr.Tomoe is possessed too. Dr.Tomoe is trying to find a pure heart crystal to awaken Mistress 9. Due to being possessed Hotaru is sick. Sailor Neptune and Sailor uranus are introduced who also need to find 3 pure hearts with powers to get a purity chalice. Neptune Pluto and Uranus had the pure hearts with powers and got the purity chalice's. Sailor Moon who is believed to be the princess needs to use the chalice. Mistress 9 needs the chalice to awaken Pharroa 90 *or something* oh sailormoon is now super sailor moon (undergo her super transformation) anyways, to save rini sailor moon gave the chalice, hotaru the sailor soldier of saturn and death and rebirth came out of Mistress 9 and defeated her to save Rini, knowing that when she fights she will not come out alive, but thanks to salior moons help she was reborn. in the end Mistress 9 was defeated.
2nd Best Season EVER!

Season 4: Sailor Moon SuperS
Pegasus enters Rinis dream (yadadahyayyas) it turns out he protects the golden crystal of the area prince darien/ endymnion used to rule. Pegasus got turned into a horse but is originally a boy rinis Age. Queen Nehellenia of the black moon needs that golden crystal to do some evil (mauahhahaha) but first she needs to find the dreams that pegasus is trapped in.  Rini (who is now sailor mini moon) is captured gets saved blah blah blah! sailors win and Make Nehellenia back to where she was imprisoned.

someone awakens Queen Nehellenia and she seeks revenge blah blah blah! they defeat her and get her reborn to have a brighter future! (BTW SAturn is BAYUCK!) anyways darien goes to study aboard (saddest thing ever happens in the plane :'( ) before he goes on the plane though he purposes to serena (EEKKKK!!) she says yes. then NEW IDOLS IN TOWN and one of them is smitten on engaged serena. Taiki, Seiya, and Yatun! who are also the sailor stars (sailor star healer, maker, and fighter!) but when theyre sailors THEY ARE GIRLS!!!!!!!!! so Seiya (best guy ever) is all over Serena but keeps on getting rejected and everyone else is all over him! Serena hasnt recieved a word from Darien. Also, the gals realize their new enemy Sailor Galaxia... shes searching for the star seeds (SPOILER DARIEN IS DEAD SHE TOOK HIS STAR SEED) so The sailors find out the starlights are the sailorstars (starlights are the three new idols cause they're in a world famous band) BTW theyre searching for the princess of there planet. Anyways seiya protects serena in a battle and boom romeo and juliet plot they cant see eachother since seiya and serena care to much about each other. Serena was fighting on the roof top while it was raining... when seiya throws a rose (just like tuxedo mask who you shouldve figured out by now is darien) and serena started crying (i miss you i want you stuff like that) seiya lifts her chin and says "am i not good enough" SADDEST SCENE EVER!!!!!!! goshhh i love seiya soo much! anyways shes all sad tells him she loves darien etc. boom! FINAL BATTLE Galaxia is HARD TO BEAT! sailormoon is doing   a hard fight everyone dies but the starlights and sailormoon (A BUNCH OF STUFF HAPPENS) btw. the starlights found theyre princess and found out about a light of hope seiya chose serena over her btw <3 <3 <3 anyways they fight and the light of hope (i sillhouette of the sailor cosmos only told in the manga/comic, who are apparently sailormoons like third reincanations etc. so after a BUNCH of fighting and a huge story line which was awesome sailor moon won and brought the good in galaxia they got everyone back to life then the starlights leave to there home planet <3 <3 OH best season EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FRIGGING LOVEEEEEEEEEEE SEIYA this was th ebest season ever!!!!

anyways i loved this show (p.s this was my first anime summary review whatever u call it)
-xoxo, mishaal <3


Hey, all you anime lovers, ANIME REVIEWS ARE COMING UP! (taking a break from book reviews) also, if you have any books you want me to review COMMENT! so the animes that i will be reviewing so far will include: Sailormoon (season1-5), Wedding Peach, Mermaid Melody(season 1+season 2 mermaid melody pure), fruit basket and maybe death note. If you find any good shoujo anime with romance or a good plot COMMENT BELOW!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dark Secrets 2 By: Elizabeth Chandler

Amazing sequel.Two girls. Two stories. No time to die, and the deep end of fear.
No time to die:
Jenny's sister Liza recently passed away which made Jenny want to get closure, so she enrolled in the drama camp Liza went to. Jenny begins to realize that something suspicious is going on and it involves her sisters death. Could it be the murderer is someone close to her? Meanwhile, she is caught in a romance with her sisters ex-"boyfriend".  Could her sisters murder have something to do with the past she cant remember... (read and find out)

Deep End of fear:
When Kate was younger her best friend Ashley died in a pond at the Westbrook estate, Kate has been avoiding the place for twelve years now until her fathers death and she is forced to return. Kate becomes the tutor of a little boy, who claims to see Ashley (who wasnt alive through his whole lifetime). Kate fears someone is out to get her and Phillip (the little boy). Ashley has trust issues she learns to overcome with  the famous hockey player Sam, who helps discover the truth about Ashleys death.

Both the stories were amazing... and "dark secrets 3" back door to midnight and kissed by an angel were both very good books as well.
Well done Elizabeth Changler

-xoxo, Mishaal

Crescendo By: Becca Fitzpatrick

Yes, the long awaited book review on Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick.
This book wasn't what i expected, truth be told, Hush Hush was extremely better. So the plot in Crescendo is that Patch and Nora are apart, when a new Nephilim (however you spell it), Scott comes into town. Scott is an old friend of Nora, but his past may affect everyone. As Nora comes closer to the truth about her fathers death...was it just accidental, or could've it been a murder? as Nora comes closer to the truth, Patch tries to restrain her, but meanwhile he can't do anything, since he isnt involved in her life anymore, but is involved with Marcie Millars. Nora, learns more about herself, and her family heritage.
In this stunning sequel the truth really comes out! the third book releases soon, called Tempest. CANT WAIT! (in that one, Patch is on the run... when you read crescendo youll find out why) HES GONE ROGUE!

What are your thoughts on Crescendo?
-xoxo, Mishaal