Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wedding Peach

2nd Anime Review EVER!
Now this was worth watching and it was nice and short, and got straight to the point. If i were to explain it in  4 words: Angel,Devil,Romance,Loss
Okay so heres the deal:
there are three worlds;the Angel world, Devil world and the Human world.
Momoko Hanasaki was just an ordinary human, when BOOM she finds out shes the love angel "wedding peach", along with her two best friends Yuri Tanima (Angel Lily) and  Hinagaku Tamano (Angel Daisy) decide to fight the devils to stop them from taking over the human and angel world. Meanwhile lots of cute romances occur such as they all love captain yanagiba but slowly Momoko falls in love with Yoske Fuma (who also plays a huge role in the end) and Yuri, finds out about her past with Limone who also happens to be Captain Yanagiba, which left hinagaku all alone, but in the end she gets paired up with Takura, (who was once sort of possessed with a devil). So anyways as all of the story progresses (btw yoske is a sickkkk soccer goalie<3<3) Takura is a nerd and Yanagiba/Limone is captain of the soccer team. so later the three girls meet Angel Salvia (yeah i know its also a drug, but also a flower lol) so the four of them are trying to stop the devils and their love interests find out that theyre a love angels. Then something shocking happens SPOILER ALERT!!!! Yoske Fuma's dad was a devil, leaving him to a doomed future,  Yoske Fuma is a the most powerful devil Viento from the refall tribe, problem is he cant remember anything that happens when he transforms. Soon the girls find out hes a devil and sooner or later so does he. He tries to deny but comes to face the truth about his life, Then the final battle with Queen rein Devilla. In the battle we find out why Rein Devilla wants to rule the world (all because she fell in love with an angel and was jealous because another angel stole him away), Yoske who is viento helps the love angels just to protect Peach, (ITS SOO CUTE) and they both get extremely hurt trying to protect each other but they manage to hold hands before almost dying emitting a love wave taking all the hate away from the Queen rein devillas heart! they won the battle the end!

Now this show was A-W-E-S-O-M-E the plot was cool, and the love stories in it were AMAZING!!!! i give it a thumbs up!
Btw in the picture only viento and the love angels are shown

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