Monday, January 17, 2011

Horahui-Read this post to find out who!

So, as you all know i have been an anime freak for more than a month now. When your bored, have no internet, and are a anime freak you, MAKE YOUR OWN ANIME CHARACTER ON PAINT!!!! Yup, the images coming up are 100% made by me, no tracing or copy and pasting! just my own creative sense with paint!
Stage one: The eyes, nose and lips

Stage two: The face shape and colour

Stage three: The hair 
Stage four: The outfit!

Some may say i have no life. BUT I WAS BORED! and this is PRETTY FUN! now soon i will give it a transformation (e.g Serena transforms into SailorMoon)
Anyway i named her Horahui (i needed something japanese)  Also check out my "sailormoon" weird crappy inpersonation i made on paint it looks hilarious like a character from that old show "boys stuff, girls stuff)

Crappy i know, BUT WHO CAREs i did a darn good job

Til, i complete the characters and next time,
-xoxo, Mishaal :P

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