Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dark Secrets 2 By: Elizabeth Chandler

Amazing sequel.Two girls. Two stories. No time to die, and the deep end of fear.
No time to die:
Jenny's sister Liza recently passed away which made Jenny want to get closure, so she enrolled in the drama camp Liza went to. Jenny begins to realize that something suspicious is going on and it involves her sisters death. Could it be the murderer is someone close to her? Meanwhile, she is caught in a romance with her sisters ex-"boyfriend".  Could her sisters murder have something to do with the past she cant remember... (read and find out)

Deep End of fear:
When Kate was younger her best friend Ashley died in a pond at the Westbrook estate, Kate has been avoiding the place for twelve years now until her fathers death and she is forced to return. Kate becomes the tutor of a little boy, who claims to see Ashley (who wasnt alive through his whole lifetime). Kate fears someone is out to get her and Phillip (the little boy). Ashley has trust issues she learns to overcome with  the famous hockey player Sam, who helps discover the truth about Ashleys death.

Both the stories were amazing... and "dark secrets 3" back door to midnight and kissed by an angel were both very good books as well.
Well done Elizabeth Changler

-xoxo, Mishaal

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