Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mermaid Melody

okay so, this anime wasn't one of the best, but it was still good.
so heres the plot:
theres this mermaid and she had this pink pearl but she gave it to a boy she saved long ago. Well she needs that pearl, so she can protect it from Gaito who wants to rule the 7 seas who is a descendant of the phantellesa clan. so anyways the pink pearl mermaid Lucia finds this guy and gets her pearl back and he falls in love with her. Lucia in her human form (which looks nothing like her mermaid form) meets other mermaids and try to defeat Gaito's minions. So, Lucia in her human form falls in love with Kaito (the boy who gave her the pearl back), one problem is that Lucia cant tell him shes a mermaid or she'll turn into bubbles (lol) so he has to figure it out himself.Lucia meets other mermaids who have their own love stories going on :)  Later on Kaito discovers his father wasnt his real father (btw his parents died and he survived on the cruise  thanks to lucia) so he realizes he is the twin brother of Gaito, and also a descendant of the phantellesa clan. he finds out Lucia is a mermaid. Gaito wanted to rule the seas because it was the evil mermaid of the indian oceans wish so all humans would be destroyed (the human she fell in love with "betrayed" her) and Gaito loved her. In the end the mermaid princesses help revive aqua regina (water queen) and turned everyone good yada yada the end Lucia is with kaito.

in the second season:
Kaito moves to Hawaii and gets in a surfing accident and forgets EVERYTHING. he meets this sick girl Mikaru, who moves with him back to Japan. Lucia is forced to see them  together blah blah blah. Mean while the other mermaids have guys of their own and Lucia is all alone. Slowly Kaito starts to remember. Oh, and theres this angel type thing Mikeru who needs power so he can revive the ancients. so in the end it turns out Mikaru is Mikeru's other half (human form typa thing) and this is only because Mikaru's father tried to save her in the past and ended up failing. In the end Mikeru turns good, and returns to the ancients in the sky, Mikaru is reborn, and kaito and lucia are back together.

Yeah, so not that interesting so i give it a 2.5/5 because the plot was interesting but they didnt portray it properly, some episodes were amazing while others were dull. So that is my reasoning.
p.s in the picture it only shows the original 7 mermaid princesses not the new indian ocean princess or the guys.
-xoxo, Mishaal

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