My journal

Post #1 09/09/10 6:46PM
Just created my journal section of this blog! But I should clear some things up first. I used to have a diary blg and it didn't work out so well so I deleted it. This time I'm committed but I will only update at least once a week also, this isn't a diary blg. Those are more personal and this one is just SOME thoughts and some feelings and my daily events! So now after this I'm going to update a proper post.

Post #2 09/09/10
Post title: Secrets
Woah! That's so weird I'm typing this on my iPod and I was gonna type about secrets and the song secrets came on! NOW THAT IS FREAKY! okay so secrets suck but they are what keep us entertained at times, but only a secret between 2+ if it
Is meant to be found out...but if it's something deep and personal only one should knownit but if it burns in your brain and becomes a living HElll so
That's when you cant tell one person but most secrets are meant tp be found out. Okay so anyways, let's get on with this post... Today I went to school and it was actually fun math and science class and English etc were boring but recess was fun! So gonna go now I'll blog again later LOVE Y'ALL
-XOXO, M•M;)

Post #3 11/09/10 10:51PM
Post Title: Danity Kane
So right now I'm listening to danity Kane, yes danity Kane...remember them? P-diddy started them but they broke up after tere frat album (which I have) they were totally awesome. So anyways I'm bored and I have a headache so remember this is a journal not a diary haha diaries have juicy details and info this doesn't lol maybe I'll start a diary soon... Who knows... Yesterday was eid it was fun, raheem (the third cutest kid ever actualy make that second after yesterday haha) came
With a batman mask and hr was running around tryna find villains and he made me robin hood anyways e was soo cute I gtg post again tom

Post #4 12/09/10
Post Title: Update, UPDATE!! LOL

Post #5 29/09/10
Post Title: WOW!
long time since i updated, so I am gonna try to keep you up to date, so i just blogged in like forever. Listening to music. I just finished my homework. yesterday was so fun, Arshdeep, Lovepreet, and Ujala came over, we did lots INCLUDING A PHOTOSHOOT! It was so fun! today was sort of dull. I'm gonna be blogging for a while so you can read that. Anyways, gtg PEACE.
XOXO, Mishaal

Post #6 27/10/10
Post Title: FAIL
I totally epicly failed on this page. I tried writing every week once i ended up writing every month ONCE. So thats all for this page. Once a month post. So its sort of just a monthly update on me. I have been WRITING a diary so thats why i havent been writing on here. Pretty much yesterday i busted my face LOL i fell down the stairs and totally faceplanted and was bleeding like crazy I busted me eyebrow and got stiches my nose KILLS and keeps on bleeding, and the inside of my lip is busted too. Also under my nose i have this BIG red bruise i look so retarded a big bandaid on my eyebrown and my eye all swollen lol i look like a got into a gang fight. anyways gonna go, bye.
XOXO, Mishaal