Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dark Secrets 1; Legacy of lies & Don't Tell By: Elizabeth Chandler

 Another amazing book. Two girls, two stories, both having to relive there brutal past. So heres my quick synopsis of each story. AGAIN I LOVED EACH STORY AND I LOVED THIS BOOK IT WAS AMAZING.
Legacy Of Lies:
Megan has never visited her grandmother, ever, since her family is in a horrible fued. When Megan visits, she is caught in an awkward love triangle, the strangest yet. She has to relive her past that she hasnt known about. But, destiny has chosen its course and Megan needs to choose right.
Don't Tell:
Lauren returns to the town in which her mother drowned seven years ago. She knows haunting memories will reappear, but has to face the truth. As, the days grow, Lauren is reliving the events of which her mother did days before she drowned, seeing things into knots. Lauren begins to think he mothers drowning wasn't an accident after all, it could have been a murder case, and she was next. 

I seriously loved this book, i liked the first story better then the second, but the second was just as good. Its addictive, dramatic, and mysterious
XOXO, Mishaal

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