Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vampire Knight

No this is note some twilight-like manga!!! Its what vampires are supposed to be like! Bloody!
Okay so there this girl Yuki and she and her friend Zero go to a school (obv.) but theres something  special about this school it has two classes day class and night class. In the night class its all vampires!
Yuki is the adopted daughter of the schools founder, one night when she was like 4 she woke up in the snow and a Level E vampire came to attack her, Kaname Kuran saved her that day and bought her to the school where the founder adopted her. P.S kaname is a vamp. anyways, Zeros parents were killed by a pureblood vampire and he almost died too, his brother and him were seperated and Kaname brought zero to the school. Zero  and Yuki are the only people who know about the vampires so the gaurd the school to make sure the night class doesnt attack the day class and that no one finds out about the vampires.
Later on in the story it is found out that Zero (who hates vampires with all his might) is a ex-human vampire who slowly turns into a level E vampire. Zeros brother who was in love with the pureblood vampire who killed his parents tries comes back and so does the pureblood vampire... purebloods are vampires that can turn humans into vampires and if zero can drink that vampires blood he wont be a level e. Kaname kills the pureblood and zer o is blamed... his bro tries to kill zero but runs away.
Slowly Yuki tries hard to remember her past (p.s she has feelings for both kaname and zero and they share the same feelings, YAY MY FAV!!!LOVE TRIANGLES) anyways Yuki turns out to be a pureblood vampire and so is kaname, and which gets even more creepy is that yuki and kaname are siblings... Pureblood vampires marry within their blood lines so their bblood doesnt get corrupted, Yuki was born to become kaname (her BROTHER!)`s Wife!!!! Zero gets furious and all this shiz happens. Kaname and yuki hook up and zero is left jealous and becomes a vampire hunter (of his own kind!!!) so, Zero is forced tokill his bro. Next thing you know Kaname`s uncle show up and tries to kill  yuki. Yuki tries to fight but Zero joins the fight they both end up fighting... and kill the uncle but that is when Zero lets yuki go and swears that the next time they see eachother he`ll kill her!! He kisses her and they part, and the blooody rose`s is dead (read the manga to see what it is) anyways kaname kills the vampire council and him and yuki hide out in a house and he works and gets to leave while yuki has to stay inside the whole time! but she always sneaks out! Zero is the best vampire hunter but, vampires only get full on the blood of their loved one... zero loves yuki but cant get her blood so is in the state of starvation, kaname gets yukis blood so hes full but yuki loves both kaname and zero SOOO, she cant get truly full!!! all this stuff happens and kaname ends up killing his best friends father and then he runs off!! (abandoning yuki) yuki is captured by the vampire hunters and forced to talk about the pureblood plans , but she doesnt know anything... zero cant kill her...yet. so anyways   yuki asks if she could execute a vampire that got away from zero... they let her, but she swears to herself once shes let out shell kill that vampire and search for kaname, Carrying her artemis a weapon of death, she was once willing to make sure no one commits suicide anymore but when a mysterious case appears and ruled as a suicide the truth is slowly coming out
Kaname on the run
Yuki alone and searching
trouble zero
HOW MUCH BETTER DOES IT GET (p.s the manga is still going on)
its like a better version of vampire diaries!!!
i have alot of mistakes in this post because of how exited i was to write it

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