Saturday, May 21, 2011

Something Borrowed Movie review

Rating (from me): 2/5
Honestly. when watching this movie i thought "This is the WORST movie ever".
There are these bestfriends, and one is getting married. on the night of the others birthday she ends up sleeping with her fiancee who was her crush from school. So pretty much in the movie she ends up in an affair!They struggle to keep it a secret, and she is really hurt since its her best friends fiancee.
This story is a really played out story line, and the way they filmed it was terrible!.
In my opinion she ended up with the wrong guy (there was this guy who was there for her this whole time and he wasn't chosen:() Sad, yes i know.
The ending was also very flop.
Overall, the movie sucked, and i dont reccomend ANYONE to see it.
XoXo, Mishaal and harsh comments from her :)

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  1. I totally agree she ended up with the wrong guy, this movie is flawed, needs an alternate ending.