Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hey chikidees

its been a while? yeah yeah i know.
I've been jam packed with assignments and what not but youve all probably gotten my polyvore updates BTW polyvore;MAIN place to get me.
Yes im still an anime manga freak.
yes i still love art.
Yes i still love Alice in wonderland
Did you ask these questions?No. :P
so other then that im clueless of what to blog about, and sketch !
Guess what MY HAND DRAWINGS ARE BACK. get ready for pics sooon!
so i guess i should do  a code geass anime review soon SINCE IT WAS SOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i recommend it to even people who absolutely HATE anime. thats how good it was, its neither shonen or shoujo and its the best of both worlds and NOT innapropriate. it involves a alternate history and has you falling in love with each and every character From C.C, (c2) Lelouch, Euphy, and ROLO. and hating the characters who are meant to be hating. it got me so emotional that GUESS WHAT I CRIED LIKE p3295102 times yup! and the ending was sooo shocking so i reccomend it to all of you

Also i think you all know of the legend of zelda games. WELL GUESS WHAT I LOVE THEM. i played zelda a link to the past a long time ago. recently i played the ocarina of time and now im playing majoras mask!!!!!!!!!!!Ocarina of time-BEST STORY LINE AND GAME EVER,,,,majoras mask, im still in the begining so ill see but its abit harder then ocarina of time since it involves random logic.

The novel Speak (by i cant remember who) is pretty okay. Boring but a good REALISTIC story to learn about. girl gets raped, first year of high school and coping with everyone hating her (since she called the cops at the party and no one knows she was raped). the movie is okay, but one PET peave. KRISTEN STEWART is in it, she really young in it :P but she acts just like bella when she gets dumped by edward and socially awkward.

Anyways thats a quick update
Happy belated birthday ALISHA and happy birthday MARVI.

Im in love with The triforce.
TRIFORCE:HI TO ALL LE MEMBERS :P Power wisdom and courage once again .

also the vampire knight manga got updated today its chapter 72 AND IT BLOWED MY MIND.
maria is after zero. Yuki and zero cant talk anymore. Sara is FISHYYY!. Kaname is doing who knows what and pissin me off. AND ALL I WANT IS YUKI TO BE WITH ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOO AND ZERO TO BE HAPPy. the manga should be around HIM not yuki :P

Did i tell anyone i reread ouran high school host club manga again and im planning on rereading Fruit basket, i might read CODE GEASS, and i might watch Moonphase!

Ultimatley you can tell im bored and hyper and just randomly talking, so in a way this is kind of like a diary entry (SOME PEOPLE might be happy about that)

...WONDERLAND tomorrow?whos excited. Oh.not you. OH ITS BECAUSE ur super DUPER excited. oh nevermind its because  50% of you arent going :P  anyways i kind of wasted all of my tshirt out fits so im stuck with a DRESS... ill wear a comfortable one WITH sneakers how does that sound. Comfortable YES!!!!!!!

what else should i talk about?
oh yes, i want to change my name to Mishaal Vi Britannia ........Sounds nice doesnt it.

I was in a bad mood today.
totally pissed.
when im in a bad mood.
annoy me
i will hate you and hold a grudge for a good 6 minutes.
then ill be pissed off
Dont push me in a deeper hole then i always was.

in the past 5 days IVE HAD 2 spiders enter my room
one dark black
one tan

i did a nice little room cleanup...
im going to go,
since i dont blog that much nowadays
its okay for me to say
Adieu my loves,
Mishaal M

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