Monday, September 12, 2011

Girls Generation

Yes, we all know exactly how awesome super junior is, but I'm sure some people out there want a female version of them. Well here they are Girls Generation.
Many people know them for them making a surpassing version of Ke$ha's "Run Devil Run" while others know them for simply their music.

Although Run Devil Run is one of their best songs, the rest of their songs are all amazing, there isn't one i haven't liked.
My favorite songs of theirs, include, Gee, Hoot, Run Devil Run, and of course Oh!. This FABULOUS group of girls can project their emotions through their voices splendidly. All of their songs have meaning, have an awesome beat and are catchy! what else could you ask for? and don't worry, English folk! not every single word is in Korean, many words and phrases are in English.

What I love about them is, that they aren't too westernized, they keep the "asian" element in them, that makes them foreign and gives there group a much higher appeal to many different kinds of audience's. If i were to compare them to the wonder girls (another Korean group, but they'd sing in English) I'd definently choose Girls Generation!

p.s they are just GORGEOUS and STUNNING as well and are also good dancers!!


P.P.s Oppa Oppa I'll be I'll be down down down!!! Dance Dance Dance til we run this town, one more round with the new me<3<3 Oh oh oh~

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