Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hey hey hey!!! its SAy Say SAy :P:P<---hwang mi ri fans would understand. Soooo, Yes I have been reading lots more Hwang mi ri mangas (almost all of them) and they all rock <3 right now im LOVING tackle on my life (still ongoing though today it just got updated<3), the story line is just AMAZINNNGGG!!!! oh and i have also been confusing Han yu Rang with Hwang mi ri because their manga and storylines are soooo awesome.
Also I have hopped on the Korean Drama train ive watched "your beautiful", "heartstrings", im currently watching Cinderellas Sister (however in japanese dramas ive watched Ouran high school host club, Yamanoto Nadeshiko shichi henge or something in english is perfect girl evolution, or the wallflower).

Okay now on the Kpop train I've jumped on SOO MANY more bands, so we ALL know SuJu (super junior) and SNSD (Girls generation) but guess what im also in love with B2ST *listen to fiction AND shock <3*
And theres also 2NE1 their OKayyyy, OHHH AND THE LOVELY ,,, CN BLUE WHO ROOOCKKKKK!!!!!!!!

Okay now back to the blogging aspect.
You're Beautiful is about a girl named Go mi Nyu having to cross dress as her twin bro Go mi Nam for certain reasons in a band and up his rep!!!!! meanwhile theres lots of lovevveee *TAE KYUNG SPOILER***

Heartstrings (is soo cute) so the girl (Park Shin Hye) played Go Mi Nyu in you're beautiful and Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE (also was in ur beautiful), are the two main loveinterests. Jung yong hwa Or Lee SHIN
is in loveee with his professor at Uni. however we all know that aint happening so after stalking her a bunch he finally realizes it wont happen since there is another teacher in the picture oh and meanwhile him and ParkShin Hye are having a BAD relationship. lots of heartbreak in this drama but its all good in the end.
Okay so heres some back up info Park Shin Hye's character is a traditional music major and Jung Yong Hwa is a Modern music typa guy (CONFLICT) and they fight ALLL THE TIME. and shin Hye seems to be a lil nosy!!!! anyways google it since im a sucky person to get a synopsis from n i can only give summaries :P:P plus i watched it like a month ago so my memories rough BUT I LOVED IT!!!

Cinderellas Sister is soo tragic and heartbreaking soo far im on episode 8<3

Ouran High School Host Club. At first i thought they cant make a better version then the anime, and the manga and anime its self is wayyyyy to anime to portray and real life BUT THEY MANAGED TO DO IT. although they sped through  the plot it was still HILARIOUSSSS and captured the esscence of the show.

We all know about YamoNado *wallflower*

Sorry i havent been blogging or updating lately! school is just soooo time consuming, and in the summer i had work. soo yeah btw i wont be doing neither this January (taking a vacay* and i promise my next blog post will tot's be propper without my bad spelling, crap grammar and abbreviations like tots =.
its just rii now im ultraaa hyper and bored and my fingers are tapping every button on the keyboard they feel and im struggling to click backspace :P:P

Next blog post after the mssg in the one coming up will be better sorry my next blog post is to a friend

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