Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eh! Oh! Canada! Go!

WOOHOOO!!!! GO CANADA!!!!!!!!! the vancouver olympics may have came to a subtle end but all of canada is still partying about all the events that have been happening during the olympics. All the sports were sooo fun to watch, especially \figure skating, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were terrific on ice and they deserve the gold they got for CANADA!!!!! Joannie Rochette could have easily not skated but she got the courage and skated for her mom who died of a heart attack a couple of days earlier, and she toughed it out and got Bronze... \team CANADA beat the U.S.A in hockey earlier!!!!!!!!!!! GO CANADA GO!!!!! after the U.S brutal win a couple of days ago canada finally beat them!! and for all the other sports like skeleton snowboarding ETC. they rocked. but who thought curling would become fun. i never really saw curling a sport and i never got the concept but this year i did... it is definently an \EXCITING sport its was really fun to watch. well back to the point on Polyvore i made a tribute to canada check out the pic. below :)

GO CANADA GO!! This took a long time to make... SHOWS MY SUPPORT FOR CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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