Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Skinned: Everyone will die someday. Everone but Lia. By: Robin Wasserman

The Novel Scott Westerfeld calls " A spellbinding story about loss, rebirth, and finding out who we really are inside" This book was AMAZING but not exactly everything Scott westerfeld said... here is the description provided in the book " Dying was bad enough. But it was better than what came next...Lia Kahn was perfect: Rich, beautiful, popular--- until the accident that nearly killed her. Now she has been downloaded into a new body that only looks human. Lia will never feel pain again, she will never age, and she can't ever truly die. But she is also rejected by her friends, betrayed by her boyfriend, and alienated from her old life.
 Forced to the fringes of society, Lia joins others like her, But they are looked at as freaks. Thet are hated... and feared. They are everything but human, and according to most people this is the ultimate crime--- for which they must pay the ultimate price" P.S this novel was written by Robin Wasserman. So the description sounds interesting doesn't it. I spent a year debating whether i should buy it or not... In the end i bought it and im glad i did. This was one of the best/ most interesting books i have ever read. I have read Robin Wasserman's trilogy "chasing yesterday" which influenced me to find out about "skinned" This book isn't the usual Plots you usually read... It is filled with scandal, Drama AND sci-fi and much more.... I encourage you to read it. I cant say anything more, without spoiling the book.READ IT THOUGH!!
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