Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cody Simpson VS Justin Bieber

One of my first posts EVER on this blog was Justin Bieber VS The Jonas Brothers (the battle of the JB's) well obviously Justin won that round but shortly after a new 13 year old singer came to town and he took the name of Cody Simpson. Some say that he is the next Justin Bieber and I happen to agree. But, no one has ever brought up the topic of him overlaping Bieber, well, to be honest, he can't do that! It's almost impossible. He is only able of becoming a mere immatation of Justin. But, it might be possible that his career would blow up just like small town boy Justin. Cody, is currently 13 years old and is from Australia. Justin , is currently 16 and is from a small town in Canada, Ontario called Stratford. He was making YouTube videos of singing when usher discovered him! Similar to Justin, Cody had the same experience with Flo Rida! So what do you think? Is it possible for justin and Cody to be on the same page? Also, in other news both of the two happen to be following me on Twitter! So follow me
Until next time,
Mïšhåāł [(epicly spelled)Mishaal]

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