Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer blooming into Fall

As you know, summer is coming to an end, Which means the end of summer vacation, weather and some romances but just because the wonderful season is ending doesn't mean we have to put everything aside, but the weather, well we can't change that but during autumn and winter we can have something what u call mini vacations. So, if you have a chance to go outside and enjoy the weather later on in the year make it a mini vacation by relaxing and taking it all in, and just enjoying the scenery. Also, who said summer romances have to end in the summer? Sure that's the point of the name but why don't we change that up a bit and make summer romances bloom into long lasting ones. Also, what's the point of keeping secrets, secrets are meant to be found out. But, then again we can't keep such thoughts to ourselves because they burn in our brain and become a living hell. But it's better to keep a secret to yourself than telling a single person because as soon as you tell that person , it will be meant to be found out then. Also never trust a pretty face, with a dirty secret. These are just some tips to keep the year fun, fresh, and fierce and full of good drama. For more tips just comment, tweet me at or email me on my personal if you know it or
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