Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Immortal series: Evermore & Blue Moon & Shadowland & Dark Flame

I know this blog post is abit late since i read the book, but I finally found the time to write about them. So, the immortal series consists of 4 books (so far); Evermore, Blue Moon, Shadowland & Dark Flame. Heres my review on the books: 3/5 stars. At first i loved the books, and loved them even more the second time i read them. But something changed, maybe i changed, but the books dont seam as appealing to me. so heres the plot of Evermore, so theres this girl named Ever, and her family died in a car accident, in which she survived.  She gained powers after the car accident (mind reading, aura seeing, phycic etc.), so then a new student named damen shows up, and he can silence all her thoughts. They hook up, and then BAM his ex-girlfriend drina shows up trying to ruin evers life. In the end, Ever, handles Drina, and learns to control her powers, but this happens AFTER her rut.

In Blue Moon, Damen is sick and is slowly losing all immortality and forgets all the feelings he's ever had for Ever. Ever assumes that all of this is the work of the new student; Roman. In her quest to find the antidote she finds out things about damen and herself that shes never known before. thats when she is forced to choose between saving her family or saving damen. When everything screws up, Ever makes the worst mistake possible, when the antidote goes wrong and now damen cant have any contact with Ever or he will die.

In Shadowland, Ever & Damen are on the quest to find the antidote when ever gets lured in to this bright and open boy named Jude. He is the re-incarnation of something Damen always gets involved with, Ever and Jude always hook up in there past lives, but Damen always tends to steel her away. Damen thinks hes altering with fate so, he takes a break from his relationship. As if there werent enough problems, Damen and Ever are forced to take care of twins who lost their magic. In the end, could it be possible that jude is part of the mysterious evil rogue immortals due to his oroborous tattoo....

In Dark Flame, Haven is immortal and all over roman. Damen and Ever are still trying to find the cure. They came so close, but Jude manages to wreck it all. Thats when Haven turns her back against her best friend and becomes her worst enemy...

What do you think??? I think i started to relove the books now that i think about them and write about them (lol)

-XOXO, Mishaal

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