Saturday, October 23, 2010

My New Awesome Words

okay, so recently I've been reading ALOT of worthwhile books and I've gained a new addition to my vocabulary. Also all the books I've been reading will be posted on this blog with there reviews as soon as I am not drowning by projects. Here's a sneak peak at my new vocabulary additives and the books influencing them. Deathly, Killer, Icy, and bubbly The first two are in the novel hush hush written by Becca Fitzpatrick, you all know how much I loved this book based on my previous blog post about it. Well, when I happened to stumble upon these words I decided to add them to my vocabulary so if you see me saying them and don't understand what they mean, here is my definition; Deathly: something that is totally awesome, epic, amazing, unique and original, but if the sentence is used while describing a person it means the person might be, vain, egotistic, self centered (someone who you do not like) e.g: 1. those are deathly heels I TOTALLY LOVE THEM 2. That chick is totally deathly what a little Dog (LOL) Killer: someone or something that/who is EPIC to the max. E.g killer skirt/ you have a KILLER PERSONALITY N I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! The last two words are inspired by the uglies series by Scott Westerfield. These two words are used way to much that I began to love the meaning and the way and why Scott used it in his books. My definitions; Bubbly: high, fun, adrenaline Icy: can be taken as bad or good, mostly bad tho. It depends on the personality of you. Icy would mean the same thin as bubbly if you're a "deathly" person OR icy could mean something different entirely icy could mean the same as deathly when describing a person, if you are a "bubbly" person icy is an insult. Hope you add these to YOUR vocabulary and read the killer book. -XOXO, Mishaal

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