Thursday, August 18, 2011

Current Obsessions!

Alexander Rybak Madness!, Live Action Love and Super Junior (SuJu) Obsession.

Alexander Rybak (made for blog)

The picture above is of, 25 year old Alexander Rybak from Norway, who is a singer-composer, violinist, pianist, writer and actor. He also managed to represent Norway in the 2009 Eurovision Song contest, held in Moscow, Russia and won with 387 points, which is the highest tally any country has gotten in Eurovision history! Could he be any more amazing?

So currently, I am obsessed with his song "fairytale", first of all, it has a tune that I have never heard before. It starts with a fast paced violin, which drew me in, since we all know how obsessed I am with the strings (cello, violin etc.) The lyrics and the rhythm all go together well, and honestly, i think anyone can be hooked to this song.

Next up is Live Action Love.

So if you haven't seen my latest blog post, I pretty much watched a drama (Japanese). This was the adaptation of a manga/anime, so it was a live action. Recently I started watching live action, for some people, you might think this is weird, and at first so did I, but once i got into it i started loving it. Since each drama is personalized in their own way, it makes them quite different, so if you can't have enough of on anime or manga i suggest watching a live action or a drama. However, I might start watching Prosecutor Princess which isn't based on an anime or manga, so hopefully it will go well.

Lastly, Super Junior Obssession.
There is this Korean band called Super Junior, also known as SuJu. Lets just say they did pop and cool better then everyone else in the world.

There style is just Fierce! The way they move, dance, act, sing is all super cool! even though the song is in a different language it's totally worth listening, since the beat is sick, they can dance and sing!
This is my favourite song and video of theirs "Mr.Simple"

Hopefully you watched it, and you can see how much better they are then any one! No offense to Justin Beiber, or Justin Timberlake or anyone else who is in the music industry but sorry guys they blew you out of the water and its tough to compare.
Look at the style they wear. Did anyone else see the nautical them, as well as the beautiful blazers and soo colourful, I think I'm in love.

Well, those are my current obssessions :)

'Til next time,
Adieu, Syanora,
Mishaal M.

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