Thursday, August 11, 2011

DarkMoon // Tsukigomori

My explanation of the Dark Moon story line of Skip beat!
Let's start off with Katsuki, the main character's story line

When Katsuki was a young boy, he had a father whom was indebted to his wealthy friend (an elder in the Hongo family). Katsuki dad got to know the younger brother of the elder Hongo family, and soon became a chauffeur for his family, which consisted of him, his wife and his only daughter. 

Whilst on vacation (katsuki and his family), the younger Hongo's family got into a car accident, killing him and his wife, leaving his daughter orphaned. Katsuki's father wasn't harmed since he was on a holiday with his family. Since the incident. Katsuki's father woke up every night crying, from nightmares, and pleading for forgiveness. After discussing it with his wife, they went to the police, to talk about the details. (which leaves me assuming they didn't go to the police before).

One night, the moon was bright, and dazzling. Katsuki, who was still a child, let the moon lure him outside to view it. When Katsuki returned home, his whole family was stolen/MURDERED by  a man whom Katsuki once saw before, as well as saw his face on the dreadful night his family was murdered. The eldest of the Hongo family. The family's death, was ruled as a suicide on the news. Covering up the fact that it was actually murder. 

That night, Katsuki swore to himself never to reveal his identity until the time comes, to get revenge on the man he saw on the luminescent night (elder Hongo).By the way katsuki, is his new identity's name.


When Mizuki was young, her family was in a car accident, in which only she survived.  She was adopted by her fathers older brother, whilst in his household, she was never cared for, yet still managed to grow up with a bright and cheerful personality. in this household, she was treated as a maid.

Mio, is mizuki's cousin, and mizuki now lives in mios house. Mio is shy and quiet as well as withdrawn, with somewhat of an inferiority complex, in which case she likes to win most of the time, so it shows that shes not exactly shy and quiet but actually is just withdrawn under the circumstances she was living in. Mio hates her mom, since she is always comparing her to her "perfect" two-faced sister, Misao. She hates her dad since she knows of the fact that he arranged for the death of his brother (mizukis father), and only she and katsuki know this, (btw you find out later that the car accident was arranged by him). Misao, whom was jelous of Mio's ability to play the violin when they were younger,pushed mio off a hill, which mio fell into glass and other things, causing a huge grotesque scar on the side of mio's head.Mio hates Mizuki, because Mio in a way has grown up in a similar situation as her (no love etc) but managed to have a cheerful, bright personality, and is the polar opposite of Mio, in a way you can say that admiration and jelousy turned into hate. So in a nutshell, Mio hates the entire hongo family.

Fast forward into the future, Mio and Mizuki now attend a high school, where Katsuki is a music teacher. Katsuki manipulated Misao (Mio's sister)'s feelings to gain acceptance from the family, which gives him the exact closeness he needs with the family, so he can get his revenge.

No one knows Katsuki's identity, except Mio, whom knows of the accident.

Katsuki being a teacher, teacher mizuki, after spending time together, a student-teacher relationship became intense and lead to other feelings.

Many things are holding back katsuki's emotions:
-His thirst for revenge
-the suggestion that his father may be responsible for Mizuki's father's death. Since his father's involvement is unknown. But i have the feeling that he may have had a hand in his death, after all he was having nightmares and feeling guilty, and went to the police, which may have given the eldest hongo a reason to murder his family to shush up the secret and he probably used money to hush the police. But then again thats just my reasoning
-and he's older, and is a teacher 
That all somes up, its impossible, forbidden ETC.

Mio learns of Katsuki's feelings for Mizuki, and his motive, she was the only one in the family he didn't fool. She then joins forces with Mizuki to get revenge, and defeat the family she hates so much. Mizuki learns about everything, katsuki, the past etc. that helps them be together :):)

So i think they get there revenge or try. thats all we know.
But when katsuki was on vacation with his girlfriend, they got into a car accident and he was severely injured trying to protect her. It is unclear whether she was mizuki or misao but since skip beat showed mizuki in the car chase scene. i am guessing it could have been in a midst of a revenge plot, since it was a car CHASE scene. So i am assuming that's what happened.

Later when he recovered and back from the hospital they show a reunion scene between Katsuki and Mizuki. The End. 
(they probably end up together sooner or later)

So suspenseful isn't it. It should be a drama anime or comic or book ANYTHING i just really want to see it in action .

So heres the differences between the mio in Dark Moon (modern) and Tsukigomori (original) 
DM: Shes more of competitive and has a hateful aura and doesnt get surgery to remove her scar because whenever her sister see's it, she grimace's she uses it as a tool to get revenge on the family she hates.

Tsuki: She is definently alot more shy but covers her scar too

In the end of the day they are both Vengeful, twisted, pitiful people.
Honestly shes my favourite, but you HAVE to love tsuruga ren as katsuki, i love katsuki-mizuke relationship going on too though. :):)
btw if anyone notices my colour coating
Aqua: everyone
Lilac: Mizuki
Baby Blue: Katsuki

Syanora, Adieu, au'revoir
Mishaal M.
P.s Skip beat and orig. story line by Yoshiki Nakamura
Thank you for an awesome comic and Mini comic I LOVE Yoshiki Namamura's works like tokyo crazy paradise and skip beat :P


  1. ok that was really helpful... Yoshiki-sama is really awesome for coming up with such a plot

  2. Thank you for explaining. I've spent ages rereading manga chapters containing Dark Moon and still couldn't quite grasp the concept.