Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fruit Basket (Anime & Manga)

So its been a while but heres my latest blog post!
So... this post is about an anime and manga (comic) called fruit basket
High school student Touhru honda's mom died and she began living in a tent... in the forest, she sees a mysterious house in the forest.. and inside that house lives Yuki and Shigure Sohma. Yuki who is the most popular guy at the high school, touhru learns about his families secret. That he and 12 other members of the sohmas are cursed by the zodiac(when they are hugged by the opposite sex, or under a great deal of stress they turn into one of the 13 zodiac animals) and about Akito the one who is there leader and tortures everyone. Tohru begins to live with the sohmas and cleans up after them. As she finds out more about the sohmas getting to know each and every one of them she begins to fall in love with Kyo, the cat of the zodiac who was never accepted in the zodiac and lived a life of solitude and is destined to be imprisoned alone since he is cursed with the cat and his hateful spirit. Kyo begins to live with them a tohru slowly falls in love with him while Yuki and kyo and some other people fall in love with her. Touru helps out everyone and fixes all there problems and worries, akito begins to hate her (Yadayadayada) One day touru sees Kyo's true form of the hateful evil cat spirit, she overcomes it and kyou becomes thankful yadayadayay anyways the anime ends there IN THE MANGA yuki and kyo are always fighting (anime too) and slowly they fight over her and momoji also loves her balahhaha the manga is better the ending is better it continues on and slowly touru ends up with kyo and they move together to university after all this DRAMA!!! akito ends up to be a girl! Yuki finds another girl and everyones curse is lifted all thanks to touhru (btw the manga is better then the anime)
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