Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ouran High School host Club (BEST ANIME AND MANGA EVER)

Manga is better than the anime AGAIN!
Haruhi fujioka is transferred to a rich school (shes poor) with her scholarship, while looking for a place to read she stumbles into an abandoned music room and it turns out there is a "host club in there" and as tamaki suoh says "the host club is where guys with to much free time on there hands entertain girls who also have to much free time on there hands" The guys think haruhi is a guy with her ability to not care about her looks, she ends up accidently knocking over an 8million yen vase and is in debt and is forced to work as a host in the host club and has to disguise as a guy. Slowly Tamaki (the leader) and hikaru and kaoru (the twins) and the members  go through a bunch of events and haruhi learns alot about everyone the twins and tamaki fall in love with haruhi and tamaki covers up his feelins as fatherly love its HILARIOUS!!!! and so the anime is completely different and ends as tamaki getting engaged forcefully to a rich gal to see his mother again and then haruhi goes and stops him, she falls off the high way into a lake and tamaki saves her and theyre together<3 but in the manga (ITS MUCH BETTER) that doesnt happen, alot of events happen but heres a sum up  tamaki returns to his grandmother and moves in to the main residence his grandma doesnt let him be in the host club or see haruhi, haruhi and tamaki loved each other, (secretly) and tamaki started ignoring her and then said some really rude things to her and then haruhi had to quit the club and was really sad, and returned to her ugly uncaring about her looks self, everyone is shocked, then one day the members of the club realize that tamaki'ss mom (who he was forbidden to see) was in japan for a while and he wouldnt see her because his grandma forbid him... the host club members gather up, and break into the main house and told him to go and he wouldnt haruhi lectured him and then his grandma gave him permission, so after all this troublle tryna get to the airport (it was before her flight left) and then in the car he told kyoya to stay inside and haruhis like okay what do i do and he grabbed her hand and was like stay with me through it all. and then he finally sees his mother for only five minutes but it was a beautiful moment, and then haruhi accidently blurted out "i love you" to him and then he was like what, i didnt hear you over the plane i thought i heard you say you loved me and shes like no but what if i did hypothetically and he was like uhh and shes like ok i get it whatever and she was about to run off and he was like me too, and she was like are you saying you love yourself to (since he is a tad bit narcisstic) and he was like is that something i would say! and he was like do you... do you love me? and she was like i dont know if i love you anymore and she was crying (p.s im sorta saying this from memory im not sure if this is word for word correct) and he grabbed her and kissed her and shes like what??? and he was like well you said you didnt love me anymore and i didnt know what to do. so anyways they were together after that and he went through all this trouble to plan a perfect date and it turns out it was TOO MUCh and then he told her he knows about her going to america to study, and then later at the host club (back in session) hikaru and kaoru were jelous of tamaki since they loved her too but they didnt mind, so she was like before i go to america i want everyone to know im a girl... and they were like fine so they held this masqurade ball and then boom they grabbed haruhi put her in a lavish dress made her hair beautiful and she looked soo pretty and then they were like to the guests lets play one last game called the true form of haruhi! and then they all figured it out and tamaki found her and then told her he was moving to america with her to support her no matter what and a small argument happened and in the end they moved in together in america and big surprise THE HOST CLUB FOLLOWED! it was hlarious well that is the official ending, after that it just shows the host club secret about hani-senpai (not that big) and her and tamaki living together oh and another cute thing was that he would do whatever she asked as long as she kissed him good morning and good night :PP
well i suggest you read it,
xoxo-mishaal m.

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