Monday, December 28, 2009

Justin Bieber, LOSER or LEGEND?

Everyone seems to love this young new comer and they welcome him with open arms to the singing world. I personally think he isn't that great. His songs may be catchy but the real reason people like him is because of his looks. His songs are OKAY but people need to like him for his songs and his personality and looks can come into that as long as the other factors are involved. These girls are crazy though, they stalk his every single move. Back on topic though i don't think hes a loser nor do I think he is a legend. It is possible to be in between the two. His songs are good, his personality i really don't know since i haven't met him. Justin Bieber may cause girls to have "Bieber Fever" but for other people he causes people headaches and for people in between, he has good songs and has an okay personality and he causes them to sing his songs all day cause they are stuck in their heads. I used to hate "One Time" but after 3 months of it constantly being on the radio it grew on me.Then his other song came out "One Less Lonely Girl" I thought it was okay but i listened to it a couple of times and then i was like "OMG Deal breaker this song is SO good". After that song came "Love Me" This was an instant hit i loved it. The song was so catchy. Overall, Justin Bieber is an good/Okay singer. What are Your views on Justin? Follow him on twitter if you Love him

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