Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lady gaga, GOOD or BAD?

i know for a fact everyone has a different opinion on lady gaga. If your asking for my opinion i think she is brilliant, i didn't always think this though. A couple of months back i used to absolutely DETESTE (hate) her. But i always thought her songs were good, but i hated her cause they were all about disgusting things. On the other hand i loved her songs. i started to like her more and more every day. When Bad romance the song came out i was like WOW she seriously made this... and all my views on her changed. Now i am listening to her songs non-stop. On my Ipod at home and on the radio in a car. See how easy it is for someones opinion to change. It was a matter of days before i realized GAGAs talents. What else can I say she is truly brilliant. What is your opinion about her. Off the topic though Be sure to check out the polls i posted up at the end of the page :)

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