Tuesday, December 29, 2009


 i admit it and i am proud to admit it I AM A KETCHUP CHIPS ADDICT. They are just soooo addicting does no one else realize it. its like a flavor explosion in your mouth! its so sour ... i seem to love sour things they are just sooo addicting, for some reason so much people hat sour things and they stick to nice and classy sweet but you gotta go outta your limits sometimes to taste the sweetness of others and thats where sour comes (none of that made sense to me) If anyone else likes KETCHUP CHIPS follow or comment me. yum... i am craving some chips i think i might just go to the store and buy some! B.T.W check out the side bar for polls and ways to follow me (you can even follow me with a twitter account)  and more fun stuff!!!

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