Friday, January 15, 2010

Book Review: Tuesday's Child

 A couple of months ago i have read this book called "Tuesday's Child" and I absolutely loved it! Lucy's life is going down hill her best friend/crush Ollie is marrying a girl she hates named Victoria. Lucy gets fired, she has no money and Ollie wants her to move out of the his place so Victoria  can move. Ollie scores Lucy a job at a real estate agency as a secretary. Lucy has to change completely from tomboy to extra girly girl. She has to give up Soccer, Beer DM's and lots more check it out in Louise Bagshawe's awesome book. The ending is just brilliant and i am not spoiling it 'cause its that good. So be sure to read this. The plot is amazing, i barely told you the plot and i am not going to until you read it... Tell me what you think about it

RANDOM Gossip Girl Qoute:  who cares about a grand entrance when you know its your exit everyone will remember                                where i got this pic from:   

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