Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gossip Girl Rant

Gossip girl will be one of the most scandalous shows you will ever watch (if it were still on). It`s exciting and dramatic, not like many shows you watch. The plot is unique, what other show is about someone sending out text messages revealing the scandals of the elite? The characters are just extraordinary, it’s like they live for the drama. Something different is, almost every episode has a small moral. If gossip girl were still on, you would love it.

  This show describes the scandals involved in a socialite’s life. Do all shows have characters that create a hierarchy in a high school? No! But this one does, Blair Waldorf, she is now in college being “Queen B” of her hierarchy. Then, Serena, almost everything has happened to her. Chuck, Blair’s Boyfriend and Nate, Serena’s ex-boyfriend. And then the main character, gossip girl, no one knows who she is, she sends out gossip to everyone. Everyone hates her but at the same time they admire her.

  Not every show has a lesson in each episode. For example, as gossip girl once texted “Oh dear Queen, heed the words of a king, look like an angel, speak like an angel, the devil in disguise, XOXO Gossip Girl” meaning don’t judge on appearance and don’t always trust everyone you meet. Only characters from “gossip girl” would say  something like that, not anyone from any other show.

  Wouldn’t you love to watch this show? Your answer better be yes or you have no taste in television shows. Gossip Girl has the perfect amount of drama, romance, scandal and conflict. That’s what you call the perfect show. Now, why wouldn’t you watch it?

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