Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Moon: Movie Review

Along with watching "Avatar" I also watched " Twilight: New Moon". I did a article on it previously, before i even watched the movie. And also i did and Avatar movie review i gave away the plot, but for new moon i won't because it was actually a good movie and if you want the plot READ THE BOOK. New Moon was actually good it got into the problem a little to soon. They also stretched the truth a bit, Bella might be reckless in the book but she didn't run off with an old dude on a motor cycle. That just stretched the truth a bit too much. The ending was almost perfect, Edward didn't fight with the Volturi and neither did Alice. The parts between Jacob and Bella were perfect. In the auditorium  there was only like 3 Jacob fans and everyone else was team Edward  I always was team Edward but now I am Team Jacob, but I think Jacob, Bella and Edward are all too needy.  They didn't really explain the ending but it was still good.  Robert pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, Ashley  Green, Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart are just enough to make the crowd go "WOO" actually Robert and Taylor are enough. Overall New Moon was great!                                                

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