Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vampire Diaries

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 To all you vampire lovers... GUESS WHAT VAMPIRE SHOW IS BACK? i you guessed True Blood your wrong, if you guessed OMG TWILIGHT HAS A SHOW you are wrong, If you guessed Vampire Diaries you are dead right. After a long break of episodes being replayed the first new episode came out on Jan 21 2010. We all got sick of the CW replaying old Vamp. Diaries episodes and seeing damen as the bad guy and Elena falling in love with stephan, breaking up and falling for him again, But FINALLY a new episode here is a quick little summary: Elena discovers she looks like catherine and gets into a car accident and see's this mysterious man who might be a vampire, Damen  finds Elena and helps her get out of the car, Damen and Elena head to a bar where Damen meets an old friend of his who is a friend of Lexi who damen killed, What Damen didn't know is his friend called the mysterious man to get Damen who killed the mans girlfriend, im not spoiling the end but for Elena, She asks Stephen why she looks like catherine... Stephen said at first he didn't know but he did some more digging to find out the Elena was adopted Elena goes home and asks her gaurdian why she didnt tell her... on the other side Elena's witch friend discovers her powers are gone because of something that is scaring her. I am not spoiling the rest but this episode was a excellent come back episode.  Oh be sure to look out for new polls along my side bar. P.S check out the worst pick up lines gedget on my side bar they are HILARIOUS

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