Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass By Lewis Carroll

Now everyone's heard of Alice in Wonderland, and the Various versions of it. Not many people have actually read the original (AND the sequel to it).
This famous novel by Lewis Carroll was absolutely delightful
As I say it was ultimately absolutely illogically logical! on top of that i learned how to talk Old Style English in a British accent.

 Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland:
One day Alice was in a garden and see's a white hare, she decides to follow it and ends up falling in a hole that leads to a mysterious new world. She undergoes many adventures and meets various creatures with lovely characters! As well as she learns about her self and the others around her! this would be a great novel for children as well as adults! many people could learn a lot from this book.

Through the Looking-Glass:
Alice enters a mirror image of Wonderland. Instead of card games its chess. Alice's quest to be queen as well as on the way she meets many things and learns a lot as well as makes friends. Again this novel is also great for children and adults!

4.5/5 Stars (for both of them together)
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Mishaal M.

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