Sunday, April 17, 2011

Manga Update

Bonjour tout personnes (hello everyone),
We all know I have been reading manga and anime for a little while. Well, I realized instead of telling everyone about every manga i've read i should just tell you which ones are the best:
Skip Beat!, Vampire Knight, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruit Basket, Sailor Moon, The Wallflower (perfect girl evolution) that's my top 6 right there.
Now the best manga authors/artists are: Hino Matsuri, Nakamura Yoshiki, Tanemura Arina, Hayakawa Tomoko and Hatori Bisco
Most of the manga's i've read are by these authors! and the sketches/drawings are amazing and so are the
 story lines now i'm sure all of the manga i've read is shoujo, and romance but hey, im a girl and what more can i say, shoujo targets the female demographic in the teen ages now what more about me can they describe! anyway's 

Skip Beat! is about a girl, Kyouko Mogami who "locks away" her heart (never will LOVE) after she followed her "best friend" Sho Fuwa to Tokyo to become a singer, and she was always there for him until she finds him talking to his manager about how he's using her and how she's useless! Well she thought she loved this boy and now she will never love again as she competes in show biz for revenge (whos more famous) as she becomes an AMAZING actor Tsuraga Ren  see's the true side of her and she see's him for what he truly is. But will Ren's past affect his future... how does his past intertwine with Kyouko's, read it and find out. This manga is ongoing you can read it at 
I can honestly say this was one of the best manga's i have ever read and so far i have read/watched 30! (and the anime for this manga isn't as good and doesn't have a proper ending
The author and artist is Nakamura Yoshiki

Vampire Knight: Cross academy is attended by two different types of students, the day class and the knight class. When the sun goes out, the day class returns to their dorms and the knight class is out. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the guardians of the night class' secret: its a class full of vampires. While Yuki and Zero experience so much, they learn about eachothers past and the troubles that come in the future, as they turn backs against each other when the past is out and the secrets are revealed, the tail of their friendship ends and a new triangle is formed. Kaname, Yuki and Zero. Kaname is a vampire and is crossed with Yuki's passed in a dangerous but awesome way. Zero's past and Yuki's future are destined for destruction. What will happen to these fated three? read and find out of course. Read it :
This manga may sound like twilight but its the complete opposite. If you like vampire diaries, this is the absolute, ultimately, awesome version of it that will surpass it by its amazing story line full of romance, action, drama, suspense, supernatural and mystery! Definitely one of my top choices when choosing a manga.
Written and Illustrated by Matsuri Hino and is ongoing I still have to watch the Anime

Ouran High School Host Club, a group of gorgeous boy's with too much free time on their hands, who go to one of the most elite schools, entertain girls with too much free time on their hands. One day Haruhi Fujioka (who has a scholarship to Ouran Academy and is a commoner), she cant afford the school uniform, so she dresses in the most baggiest clothes and her hair is short due to gum getting caught in her hair (and cut by herself) and generally, looks like a guy. While looking for a quiet place to read she stumbles into an abandoned music room where she finds the Ouran High School Host Club. While being creeped out she ends up knocking over a $80,000 vase that belongs to the host club. Now in a debt she cant pay off, she is forced to join the host club. Here's  the catch, they dont know she's a girl (well soon they find out) and she has to cross dress and be a guy to pay off her debt by being in the club. While in the club she slowly finds out how these insanely wealthy crazy guys are apart from everyone else, and hey she might fall in love,and they might fall in love with her. read it at: 
This manga was HILARIOUS, a comedy, drama, harem, romance, shojo, 
It is completed, and written and illustrated by Bisco Hatori
Anime is AWESOME too. 

Fruits Basket is about Tohru Honda, who recently lost her mother and lives in a tent. While walking she see's a house in the forest she lives in. This house belongs to the Sohma family. She ends up getting to live there as long as she doesn't let anyone know the Sohma clans secret, they are cursed by the zodiac, whenever they are hugged by someone of the opposite sex they will turn into a zodiac animal! as Tohru faces many fun adventures with this troublesome bunch (yet totally fun). She ends up falling in love. But many people fall in love with her too and causes controversy!!! Akito, the head of the clan also known as the god of the zodiac, holds a grudge against Tohru and she realizes how truly deep the curse of the zodiac is. Two Words. Kyo<3 Yuki<3<3<3
This was a comedy, drama, romance, supernatural! and definitely worth while to read is much better then the anime, but the anime was REALLY good to!
Written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya and is completed.

Sailor Moon, we all know this one!!! the anime is totally worth it BUT is really elongated and much more romanticized the star lights and also really long but I LOVED THE anime almost alot more then the manga BUT in some aspects the manga was better. We all know Usagi (or serena in the anime) or also called bunny turns into sailor moon, gaurdian sailor soldier who protects the world from evil. And along with her best friends sailor uranus, neptune, pluto, saturn, venus, mercury, jupiter and mars, as they fight evil and find out who the true moon princess is as well as face many different villain and of course the ultimate villain who caused all this chaos, sailor galactica! read it at:
its a drama, super powers, romance, adventure, action shoujo like almost everything! its totally worth reading and shorter then the anime! 
written and illustrated by Takeuchi Naoko

Wallflower, lastly (also known as perfect girl evolution) the manga is way better then the anime. Sunako Nakahara, the opposite of a lady, and  her aunt is forcing her to try to be transformed into a lady. One problem, she hates everything pretty, bright, beautiful etc. thanks to one rejection comment by a boy who said i hate ugly girls, she gave up then, beauty, being a woman etc. Sunako is a horror loving, bloody, frizzy haired but with the right touch can be pretty if she tries REALLY HARD! her aunt has her moved in with four gorgeous boys set out to make  her a lady, in her glorious mansion. This project is going to take more then our four beautiful boys here IT NEEDS A MIRACLE! as they go through many adventures they realize how inner beauty is and become great friends learning about each other all thanks to one task (oh and whenever Sunako see's something attractive she gets a nose bleed)Read it at
This manga is on going, and his hilarious, romance, harem, drama etc.
I loved it! its written and illustrated by Tomoko Hayakawa

So those are my favourite manga's NOT IN ORDER! also works done by Tanemura Arina are really good, but she didn't make it in because her manga's are short but her story lines are good and so are the drawings its just they don't surpass these 6!
anyways that was my manga update
Adieu, for now,
Mishaal Munawar
(p.s next posts involve ever crossed sequel to kissed by an angel by elizabeth chandler book review, as well as alice's adventures in wonderland, through the looking glass by lewis carrol and the outsiders by S.E Hinton)


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  2. Thank you "anonomous" :) i really appreciate your comment because i dont really get alot :P (other then friends etc) Thanks anyways when i dont update im usually on polyvore you dont see my set descriptions on my blog so you can check them out there it is kind of like a blog too :)