Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kissed by an Angel & Evercrossed By: Elizabeth Chandler

 I thought I already blogged about the book kissed by an angel by Elizabeth Chandler but I now realized I didn't!

So here's the synopsis (made by me)

Ivy & Tristan, only together for a month, but the perfect couple! Until that one night, the car accident meant to take Ivy's life, took Tristan's. Ivy lost a loved one, but is also gaining new interests. The family her mother married into  has dark secrets. Gregory is he good or bad. Ivy's step brother is suspicious. Was the car accident really an accident or was someone trying to murder her? Tristan comes back as an angel trying to keep Ivy out of danger, but the more Ivy is afraid!

Kissed by an Angel was exactly what I expected from Elizabeth Chandler. The books I have read by her are always murder mysterious and romantic with a stunning twist! I recommend this book to 15+ because some content is not appropriate for younger audience's.
3.5/5 stars!

Now time for the sequel! (Warning this is a bit of a spoiler)
Ever crossed is about everything being solved and safe, but is it truly safe? if angels exist then so do devils. If angels can enter the human world and take the form of a human or posses them. So can the devil. A demon that takes on the form of a human, and out for one thing, and one thing only. Driven by the need for revenge. Ivy, Will and Beth go away for summer to get away from the past. But that's the last thing that happens to them. A mysterious guy shows up with no memory of his past, is he truly safe to be with. Ivy gets into a car accident and potentially died but receiving a kiss from Tristan brings her back to life (which may or may not be a dream), what no one knows is that giving a kiss of life is practically a taboo in the angel world.

Ever crossed  was NOT what I expected, the book was getting on to a slow start. No problems were occurring and Ivy was being isolated, i just noticed it was a love story with a creepy twist! little did I know is that the ending would be a cliff hanger (the biggest cliff hanger EVER), the truth is revealed about Guy, and so is the truth about Angels and 
Devils! This book was probably 13+ NOW I'M WAITING FOR THE
3/5 stars

These are two definitely good reads, honestly anything by Elizabeth Chandler is a good read!

Until Next Time, Adieu,
Mishaal M.
P.S I'm really sick and it sucks (at my rents office)

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