Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alishas AWESOME Bday PArty

Hey! Just came back from one of my awesome friends Bday party Yup thats write ALISHA's Bday! yup her lucky bday on the 13th day of june WATS22 wierd is she also lives on the 13th house on her street CREEPY LOLLZ! I had to leave early but it was fun! We did arts and crafts (i made a wierd ugly dear diary butterfly)...Listened to music I SANG ALONG and ate yummy food and drinks! Pin the heart on the princesses :P and i left before we played most of the games and the water balloon fight I WISH I COULD STAY BUT I HAD TO GO TO DTOWN.anyways here are some pictures of what was in the loot bagsP.S THE STUFF ROCKS!!! I LUV THE ROSE THINGY

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