Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Robin Wasserman

ROBIN WASSERMAN by mishaal_m on
To all my readers, this isn't a new face... Since i've talked about her about 100 times since i am totally obsessed with "skinned" and "chasing yesterday", Well i have gotten her permission to write a blog post about her, sadly, i havent talked to her in person BUT SHE HAS TWEETED ME!!!! i want an interview with her, it doesnt have to be in person or on the phone, it could still be on twitter, Do You Think She Will Say Yes. LETS HOPE!!! I LOVE HER BOOKS! it is just an honour for her to reply to me on twitter. Believe me, if you know me in real life you know i am OBSESSED i already started begging my mom to buy Wired, when my mom is like "it hasnt even come out" And my friends know how obsessed i am with all the charectors she creates. This AWESOME author was born  May, 31, 1978 Yes, that means her birthday is coming up soon!
These are all the books she has written, I got the following info Thanks to Wikipedia,

Seven Deadly Sins series

Chasing Yesterday series

  • Awakening
  • Betrayal
  • Truth

Skinned trilogy

  • Skinned(2008)
  • Crashed (September 2009)
  • Wired (2010)

Other books

  • Hacking Harvard
  • Another Cinderella Story, Again
  • Scooby Doo Got Shoot"
  • Callie for President
  • Girl Talk(How To Deal With Friendship Conflicts)
  • Clikits
  • OOPS I did it ( again)                
When i read her books, i just can't seem to put the book down (yes, that means LATE HOMEWORK) i am hoping to read ALL her books, re-reading the chasing yesterday  (for the 4th time) and the skinned trilogy (for the 2nd time) and scoring an interview with her, to make this blog post BETTER! Robin, if your reading this PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! for school we had to do favourite author scrapbook pages, Now She will be in my scrapbook :)

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