Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Road To Finishing My Art Homework...

 okay, for the next i dont know how many hours rite now its 2:44 AM, so til 8:00 AM i will be doing my art homework (drawing in one point perspective) we had to draw a room.  I will be posting up pictures and explaining how far along i am. so here is the first pic! sorry for the bad image, but its really dark rite now. OKAY, so this isnt really how far i am, acutally this was how far i was like at 2:28 i think heres a pic of it rite now:

ok, so here is my progress at 2:48 AM, i will probably update again, at... i guess 3:10AM or maybe earlier!!! ALLNIGHTER!!! WOOHOO! also tomorrow, aunts Bday party :) so hopefully i aint fallin asleep through all of tht! :) aii PCE CYA

Okay, im updating earlier than expected, A) because i got ALOT done, i thought i  would get this much done by 3:10 NOPE instead i got it done 5 mins. early, it is 3:05 rite now, and here is a pic of my progress:
OKAY, so i finished up the side walls in blue and red (which i realized are the same colours as the barcelona flags) I coloured the TV, i added some writing on the back walls, Mishaal M, FCB, TFC ETC.  so now im going to try to do the floor and curtain, Wish me luck. PCE oh and i think later i will update a pic of  my MATH binder, you know what i will do it rite now (3:08), Nevermind, its to dark to see the signatures... :( i will upload a pic in the morning, AnD when im done the room i will show you my first rough sketch, my second rough sketch AND my final!!!! p.s the one i am working on rite now is my final... sister fell asleep, told me to wake her up at 3:55AM Sure will do sis, SHE NEEDS TO STUDY FOR HER ENGLISH EXAM (uni.)
I procrasinated, and stayed on the computer til, like 3:20. But its 3:38AM and i have gotten MOST of it done, but i have one thing to ask, DO you colour the window blue or something, the curtains look wierd, the ground isn't coloured properly, THe bed is really like, mixed up, the only things that look good, are the walls, okay so my next step: colour the rug, and Back wall, and  at least 1 table/desk

3:55AM and my sister has given up on the all nighter :( she wants me to go to sleep BUT IM ALMOST DONE!!!! i must finish THEN sleep. okay, so i did the rug LOL it looks really bad, i did a desk now all i have left is 3 pictures 2 desks one lamp one stereo, the back wall, a window And a door, this is where everything is small so i can finish it easily.

4:11 AM and 4 more things to go: i need to do the Back wall, 2 desks (with lamp and stereo) and the window THEN IM FREEE!!! its just me up, wide awake, everyone else is sleeping... and hopefully by 5AM maybe i will be to or 6AM but im not TIRED soo i really dont care, but im in the hyper stage of an allnighter all right, im going to go back to working on art... i will update after i do the desks and the back wall and i will have the window left, hopefully i will update again at 4:30AM allrighty, see ya!

YeS i am done...<3 here is the final outcome:
okay so if you want to see my rough drafts they are underneath this pic.

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