Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Now to style these FABULOUS OUTFITS. You Just choose anything, and together it'll go. Just for you guys, i'll list the possible combination's that can be made with these items.
Monotone with Yellow Outfits:
Pink; Wear the dress with, the pink ring, bow clutch purse, and shoes
Green; wear the dress with, the green hat, bracelet, shoes, and clutch purse
Purple; wear the dress with, the purple hat, purse, bracelet, and shoes
Blue; wear the dress with, the blue shoes, purse, ring and Bow

But, if you like to mix an match, just choose any of the items and heres the glory of it...IT'LL GO!
Now, the prices above, might look abit outrageous, and they are, to be quiet frank, but if you can find anything similar to the items, it'll go, just try finding the right shade of colour and your good. I hope this helps!
'Til Next time, Love, Mishaal Munawar

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